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Comment Re:IP greater than 255 a good idea ... (Score 1) 1200

Actually that is intentional and well thought out. It prevents people from typing in that IP and trying to do something. When real phone numbers appeared on TV or in songs it was quite annoying for the person whose number that was. They are just trying to avoid similar inconveniences.

Why not just use private network IP addresses then? It's not like there aren't thousands to choose from. Most of the general public probably wouldn't know the difference, making it much more "realistic."


Submission + - Shareholder revolt may force sale of Take-Two

BigVig209 writes: "The New York Times reports a shareholder uprising might force Take-Two to sell the company.

From the article: Take-Two Interactive Software, the video game publisher whose marketplace impact has been overshadowed by its corporate upheaval, said yesterday that it was weighing options including a possible sale of the company, prompting a surge in its stock price."

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