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Comment Re:There work here is done (Score 1) 90

Screw RIM. I only know about it because I've been following QNX. Frankly, I'd love to see RIM go under, get taken over, and QNX ending up in the hands of someone who'll reopen the source and let me legally continue my projects I was working on before RIM got their mitts on it. :)

A more likely scenario if RIM should go under is that QNX is sold to Microsoft who will then lock it safely away.
Be careful what you wish for.

Comment Re:What was the point of this exercise? (Score 2) 943

Actually, the scientific thing to say is "What experiment can we perform that would behave differently if there is a God and if there isn't?" Until such an experiment can be formulated and then performed, science can say nothing whatsoever about the existence or lack of existence of God or gods.

Science can however perform experiments that conclude that "No matter if God exists or not, the age of this planet must be in the order of billions of years and not thousands"
The argument that God falsifies the experiments can be countered in a theological fashion with "If God is doing all he can to make the evidence show that the world is billions of years old and life is the result of evolution, then it should be the duty of all christians to believe the evidence He wants us to believe"

Comment Re:Soviet-style IT (Score 1) 104

All the companies I know have either switched away from Blackberry, or at least opened their policies to say "get whatever phone-device you want, here's your budget, and tech-supporting it is your problem". Nobody, given that option, chooses Blackberry.

Do they also say "If your phone is the entry point for an intrusion into the intranet you are fired and will be sued for the cost of fixing everything" or "If internal email comes into the hands of unauthorized persons through your device, you are fired"? If not, is it because they don't care about the security or that they don't allow anything sensitive on the phone in the first place. I'm not saying that Android cannot be secured, but they cannot be secured if everyone has different phones and are their own support.

Comment Re:Tax planning and rich people (Score 1) 2115

The Clinton years spring to mind.

And yet, during Clinton's time in office, he ended up with a higher debt than he started with.

More in dollar amount, but less as a percentage. Clinton took office with the debt at 66% of GDP, and left it at 56%.
The amount increased by about 1500 billion. How the percentage could decrease while the amount increased? One hint: Inflation
GWB took office with the debt at 56% (of course) and left with the debt at 84%

Comment Re:Let me be a customer (Score 1) 291

Then how come the DVD of Casablanca is region locked?
The films made their way around the world in the 1940's but it is still region-locked.

An even worse example from Norway: Most of the Norwegian-made films are released on DVD with Norwegian the only soundtrack and either no subtitles at all or only subtitled in Norwegian for those with hearing problems. 98% of all the people in the world who understand Norwegian already live in Scandinavia which is in Region 2.
But, they are still region-locked so I cannot buy one as a gift to a friend or relative living in the US unless he or she has an unlocked DVD player.

Submission + - When Users Dive into Malware Cesspools (infoworld.com)

GMGruman writes: "It's common knowledge that the Android Market is teeming with malware, yet people keep downloading fake apps that steal their personal information or worse. Phishing attacks continue to effectively scam people, despite years of warnings to not do the equivalent of getting in a stranger's car. Perhaps it's time to change the rules, at least at work, so in return for the ability to use the smartphone or tablet of your choice, or even the PC or software of your choice, users take responsibility for not being stupid. Be stupid, lose your smartphone access privileges for a while. Do it again and maybe lose that bonus. The "consumerization of IT" trend says IT needs to stop treating users like babies. But it should also say that users need to stop acting like babies."

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