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Comment Re:This is good news (Score 1) 308

It is part of the hidden cost of nuclear power plants. If nuke plants paid insurance, the power generated would not be cost-competitive with other sources. Therefore governments all must give all nuke operators an iron-clad "hold harmless" clause, guaranteeing to make the pubic wear the cost of any "accidents". Are you starting to understand why so many people despise nuclear power yet?

Comment Re:Anybody surprised? PS... (Score 2, Interesting) 526

As much as I hate replying to my own comment, another five minutes googling reveals: The typewriter you're looking for is the IBM Executive, Model D. It featured variable spacing, superscript characters (as required), and while the model D may not have been in every office, was a simple matter to order and use. It was also customisable in terms of individual keys being replaceable. I also note with interest the various font experts who have explained that the MS Times New Roman font has many differences from the IBM font that was used in the document in question (particularly in the numerals). Have a nice day.

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