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Comment Re:Screw the subsidies (Score 1) 415

Kudos to you. I changed my habits and retrofitted my home with insulation, solar-water heater, awnings and a rain water collection system (with a mains pressure pump). More recently I've added a 1.5kW solar system, with the money put up by the electricity retailer (on a two-year interest free loan). Because I had my own consumption down to such a low level before I went solar, I find that my system generates twice as much electricity as I use. The system will be paid off in two months, and I'm currently sitting on a $600 credit with the power company. These things are achievable now, and you don't need to live like a cave man to do it. I have whole of house air-conditioning, space-heating, computers, television, internet, etc. Individuals can make a difference with a little bit of thought.

Comment Re:This is good news (Score 1) 308

It is part of the hidden cost of nuclear power plants. If nuke plants paid insurance, the power generated would not be cost-competitive with other sources. Therefore governments all must give all nuke operators an iron-clad "hold harmless" clause, guaranteeing to make the pubic wear the cost of any "accidents". Are you starting to understand why so many people despise nuclear power yet?

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