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Submission + - Monty Montgomery: Next-Next Generation Video: Introducing Daala (

An anonymous reader writes: Xiph.Org has been working on Daala, a new video codec for some time now, though Opus work had overshadowed it until just recently. With Opus finalized and much of the mop-up work well in hand, Daala development has taken center stage.

I've started work on 'demo' pages for Daala, just like I've done demos of other Xiph development projects. Daala aims to be rather different from other video codecs (and it's the first from-scratch design attempt in a while), so the first few demo pages are going to be mostly concerned with what's new and different in Daala.

I've finished the first 'demo' page (about Daala's lapped transforms), so if you're interested in video coding technology, go have a look!

Comment Re:Given the UN's track record in Africa... (Score 1) 240

I'm not really interested in judging you. I assume that everybody is imperfect but reasonably decent until they behave otherwise.

I'm more interested in judging God since he's the big kahuna and all. That's why I think you kind of punted on the "I will ask him when I get there" line - if by that what you really mean is that you take it as an article of faith, I can accept that. Faith is fundamental to religion, but faith itself is not persuasive to people who have not taken that leap because the very definition of faith is something which you believe but can not prove.

Comment Re:Given the UN's track record in Africa... (Score 1) 240

Don't take this as a judgment on you because I don't know you, it is a general statement: Nobody ever admits to being evil - even to their inner selves. Sometimes in hindsight they will realize their error (in the news today Alan Manning Chambers is very publicly coming to terms with his), but never before they actually do evil.

Everyone, even the most notorious, right down to Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, they all were convinced of their righteousness. None of them thought of themselves as a bad guy.

Comment Re:Given the UN's track record in Africa... (Score 1) 240

No. God is a big boy. He isn't frustrated in heaven wondering what went wrong. It's no a surprise to him that evil would take the course it did. It was his plan back at the time of creation that He would send His son to die for our evil. That is what Jesus did.

I don't see how deliberately choosing to create a system that includes evil so that people can struggle with it is a good thing when there is the option to simply not have evil at all.

I didn't say that God couldn't create a universe without evil. He chose to create it this way. When I get to heaven, I'll ask Him why he did it this way.

That sounds like a version of "it is not for us to judge" which isn't particularly convincing.

BTW...thank you for not being rude, condescending, or arrogant in this discussion. It makes an intelligent discourse possible. It seems to show lack of intelligence when people just end with calling names. So, thank you again for that!

Don't worry, I save that for people who use their faith to rationalize persecution of other people. I believe in the saying that "When you read the Bible, the Bible also reads you" - people with malice in their heart will find malice in the bible, those with good intentions will only find good in the bible.

Comment Re:Given the UN's track record in Africa... (Score 1) 240

God is all powerful but in allowing free will (giving you the ability to choose) He has allowed evil as much as we desire it.

You appear to be arguing that the potential for evil is a necessary requirement of free will. Correct?

If so, that's just another way of saying that god is not omnipotent. That His will is constrained by some other force that requires free will to include the potential for evil. That God can not create a universe in which evil simply does not exist, just as this universe has all kinds of physical laws of nature that He could have defined to work some other way if He so desired it. A truly omnipotent God could create a universe in which the metaphysical laws work such that free will can exist without evil.

Submission + - How does Super SOPA and NAFTA on steroids sound to you? (

kermidge writes: has a somewhat over-the-top story on Congressman Alan Grayson getting to read the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is a large, secret trade agreement that is being negotiated with many countries in East Asia and South America. It takes but a few minutes to read the whole story, and I suggest it's worthwhile to do so. If TPP is half as bad as Grayson says, it's bad indeed. Too bad that we are not allowed to read it for ourselves, but, hey, we're living in the days of open government. For those having real interest, I suggest starting with

Comment Re:The system worked (Score 1) 470

The rest of that sentence was "actual core religion (not a perversion thereof) of a substantial fraction of humanity",

Breaking my promise - but that is a distinction without a difference. Unless you are prepared to say that what you mean by a "substantial fraction of humanity" is really a minority of muslims with extremist views. I'm pretty sure you didn't mean that, because everything else in your argument falls apart if you did.

If you either apostatize or insult the so-called prophet in Riyadh or Tehran or many other places, then the local religion says you must be put to death

No, the extremist theocratic government says that you must be put to death. Dictators who have co-opted a religion and encouraged extremism for their political goals are, by definition, not representative. That's like saying the Inquisition defines christianity.

Comment Re:My problem with "the IT department" in general (Score 1) 572

How is a keyboard and mouse any different than me putting in a purchase order for a new chair, or fan, or whatever else I need?

Mainly because IT isn't going to get called when the fan breaks. IT isn't going to get called to install install the new keyboard driver. That other stuff isn't going to get sent back to IT when you don't need it any more, and have them sorting out the inventory that doesn't add-up. And there's no chance your fancy new chair can potentially cause problems with the "floor" it's hooked up to.

Comment Re:The system worked (Score 1) 470

They can't get it into their minds that the actual core religion (not a perversion thereof) of a substantial fraction of humanity wants to kill us.

Whoop! There it is. The only true muslim is a psycho-muslim. Just like the westboro baptist church are the only true Christians. Of course the non-muslim who can't read arabic, has never been to a mosque in his life is imminently qualified to tell all those people they aren't real muslims.

All the parts of the quaran that talk about peace don't count because they've been 'abrogated' but all the parts that talk about warfare in specific cases actually apply everywhere and always because thats the excuse the crazies use to rationalize violence in pursuit of their own goals and obviously bloodthirsty nutjobs are the people best qualified to understand a religion.

Stupid libtards, they'll never learn!!!

I know you will never change your mind, your premise is basically unfalsifiable just like any conspiracy theory. This summary is for everyone else who might possibly have started to be fooled by your bullshit.

Comment Re:democratic elections (Score 1) 406

Either way, it devolves to whoever spends the most money and is the loudest to convince others of their vote is the one that has the biggest/most votes to cast in this so-called democracy

Fortunately, that's not true at all. Money makes a difference when it's close, but actual issues make more of a difference than any amount of money can.

The Republican party is expected to not be a viable national party in the coming years, because the demographics they've alienated are becoming the majority.

Don't stoop to their level by "voting".

In fact each side goes to great lengths to try and keep supporters of the other side from voting. All the "voter ID" laws Republican state congressmen and governors tried to pass were a nice throwback to Jim Crow days, but were luckily struck down by the courts before game day.

If you don't vote, you're helping someone, just as if you did vote, and probably the opposite of who you want to support.

Comment Re:Remember, when god is on your side (Score 1) 470

Anything is acceptable. burning witches, executing gays, xraying muslims, rocketing israelis, raping kids, car bombing protestants. its all good as long as god agrees....

It's not religious zealotry, just self-interest.

People weren't murdering "witches" because God said to do so... They were doing it because they were convinced the witch next door was hurting someone.

Lynch mobs weren't running around, reciting biblical verses.

McCarthyism didn't happen just because god said to do it.

The LAPD doesn't beat people because God told them to.

People will justify whatever they want to do. And if you're surrounded by devout believers, you want to find justification in a religious text, because that's all they'll potentially be interested in.

These days, you can find plenty of atrocities committed are justified by hiding behind the law, rather than the torah/bible/quaran/etc.

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