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Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 289

There were hard drive interfaces for the Amiga 1000 as well. I have one called a FastTrak from Xetec.

Electronically, the Amiga 1000's side port was identical to the Amiga 500. It was physically flipped upside down.

Comment Re:Are you serious...?! (Score 1) 467

Well, there were quite a few that were expecting the iPad to be priced much higher than it's $499 starting point. Some were pointing toward $999.

Apple's not selling them at a loss either; not like the netbook makers.

So if the media hype is so cheap, why can't other manufactures get the word out? It can't possibly be that Apple has a product that people actually want, is it? ;)


FreeNAS Switching From FreeBSD To Debian Linux 206

dnaumov writes "FreeNAS, a popular, free NAS solution, is moving away from using FreeBSD as its underlying core OS and switching to Debian Linux. Version 0.8 of FreeNAS as well as all further releases are going to be based on Linux, while the FreeBSD-based 0.7 branch of FreeNAS is going into maintenance-only mode, according to main developer Volker Theile. A discussion about the switch, including comments from the developers, can be found on the FreeNAS SourceForge discussion forum. Some users applaud the change, which promises improved hardware compatibility, while others voice concerns regarding the future of their existing setups and lack of ZFS support in Linux."

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