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Comment Just say NO (Score 1) 890

DHS is a much greater threat to the freedom and security of the American people than any number of terrorist that have surfaced so far or who are ever likely to surface. This anal tyrannical behavior can only succeed when we the people say "oh, well this next extra annoyance isn't so bad. So I have to be scanned down to my privates to get on the city bus?" It is time to say "HELL NO" consistently and loudly. Otherwise expect more and more of the same. Of course most people have zero backbone and will go along with whatever until it is far too late to refuse or far too costly.


High Fructose Corn Syrup To Get a Makeover 646

An anonymous reader writes "With its sweetener linked to obesity, some cancers and diabetes, the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) doesn't want you to think 'fructose' when you see high fructose corn syrup in your soda, ketchup or pickles. Instead, the AP reports, the CRA submitted an application to the FDA, hoping to change the name of their top-selling product to 'corn sugar.'"

Comment contradictory question (Score 1) 346

You can't remain a "non-techie" and learn how to be proficient in a techie area like programming. You have to chose whether you want to give up being a non-techie. If you do then roll up your sleeves and learn it like anyone else. I would recommend downloading python, getting the online freebie, "Dive Into Python" and work your way through it. Then read a book on Data Structures and one Algorithms. Next work your way through a few of the problems on Project Euler. By that time you will no longer be a "non-techie". I hope that is OK with you.

Comment Re:Businesses... (Score 1) 100

I have money. I am not a business. I would pay to not be automatically trackable just because I use higher bandwidth (business class) services. Where is this a problem. Are you saying I must be fully trackable at all times just on the grounds that I might do something criminal? Are you sure you want to take (and live by in all ways yourself) that position?

Open Source

OpenNMS Celebrates 10 Years 37

mjhuot writes "Quite often is it claimed that pure open source projects can't survive, much less grow and create robust code. One counter example of this is OpenNMS, the world's first enterprise-grade network management application platform developed under the open source model. Registered on 30 March 2000 as project 4141 on Sourceforge, today the gang threw a little party, with members virtually attending from around the world. With the right business savvy and a great community, it is possible to both remain 100% free and open source while creating enough value to make a good living at it."

Comment Re:gay (Score 0, Redundant) 1713

No multi-tasking;
No new APIs for background processes;
Keyboard is just as lame as iPhone and badly scaled to larger screen;
no path for Kindle users except iPhone kindle app;
no file system access to organize all the stuff you can cram into one of these;
no wireless sync whatsoever;
only a pound lighter than my macbook air;
only 3 hours more battery life than my new macbook pro;
no new apps just rework of iWork when all its components are apple proprietary non-industry standard crap.

Comment scare tactics (Score 1) 235

Simply scaring people about P2P may be one goal. But I doubt it. Scare them, pass legislation, then more regulation to ensure the bugaboo, largely made up to begin with, does not happen. It is a wedge to allow the government more control of software. And, considering the source, thoroughly in the interest of the movie and record industry. It also makes the control-freaks unhappy about anything that gives any real power to the "consumer" happy. It is worded so that oppose seem to be in favor of insecure computers. Clever but OPPOSE anyway.

Comment Re:chief architect (Score 1) 318

The architects are usually uber coders that design entire systems. You can't be a really ace architect without understanding deeply what can be coded, the ways it can be coded and the implications of different approaches. An architect may or may not write some of the actual code. But very often they do.

Comment You bet! (Score 1) 318

I would work on and pay others to work on:

1) Artificial General Intelligence;

2) AI programmers;

3) automatic code refactoring and retargeting software;

4) Intelligence Augmentation via new software and systems.

5) Making lisp (or lisp like) language and environment so obviously and unquestionably superior and easy to use that no one would wish to use a lesser language. :)

Comment Yes, please! (Score 1) 165

I so much want this to happen. I left college in 1981 in my sophomore year to work in the field I love, software engineering. I have done many projects that would be worth a PhD if done in the academic context. Much of my career I have worked with PhD credentialed peers. Yet I have no such paper. Beyond the paper, there are things particularly in the more theoretical and research areas that I would like to know much more of. Many of these I do explore with online resources and in books. However I get no credit for these things. I can't use them to gain admittance to say a PhD program. I can't use them to be admitted to a more research oriented project.

I have checked what it would take to pick up this paper in an accredited way many times. The answer with brick and mortar is to take many years off earning an good income and sit in a desk. The online options are not sufficiently accredited. If there were online options with no mandatory time duration and testing out on an all required courses and full accreditation that would be ideal. I suspect it would be ideal to millions of others also.

As the need for continuous re-education and learning increases how can we as a society afford to not make it as efficient and accessible and fully accredited as possible?

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