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Comment uh, wait (Score 1) 288

First, are we talking inflation adjusted dollars? Second, a large part of the problem is the continued ever since the 70s anti-nuclear power hysteria. This has greatly inflated costs, danger estimates, required procedures and so on. It is also why we have no spend fuel repository although we no several ways to create a quite good one. And it is also why all forms of breeder reactors, even those not good for making weapon grade materials, were killed. That move means there is around 20x more "nuclear waste" than there would otherwise be as 95% of it would have been used in a breeder. Lastly it is why we can't build any more modern designs that are much safer and more efficient. Even though nuclear with the antiquated designs has a three orders of magnitude better safety record in terms of number of deaths per TwH generated than coal and two orders of magnitude better than oil and gas.

So don't let this railroad you to the wrong conclusion.

Comment data ownership needs to change (Score 1) 226

It is data about a person, in many cases it is literally the documents, calls, emails, tweets, IMs of people to people. That clearly belongs to the persons themselves, not to some company that wrote an app used to interact with that data or the companies providing the pipes for it to travel across. So that it is an American company really has nothing to do with it if we see it from the logical point of view of who the data belongs to. If it belongs to a European then it is government by European law. People are also confused about cloud storage and data center storage of information. Storage is not ownership.

Comment Good (Score 1) 167

I believe in the internet of things. I believe that the world can become much smarter and planning can be done much better and resources used in ways they will be most effective far easier if better information from the ground is available. The only reason I worry about such information is because of certain bad players, especially government ones, that tend to great abuse it and criminalize whatever they wish. Accelerating change makes vast information flows from everywhere pretty nigh inevitable. What we need is to so limit government especially as to not put ourselves in deep jeopardy from it. And yes we also need rational laws to keep business and others from abusing it as well.

Comment well, he said it was a weekend hack (Score 5, Insightful) 99

I met him back in the 70s. He said that CP/M was something he hacked up one weekend out of frustration with other things available at the time or rather the dearth of much of anything. He wasn't at all impressed by having done so. He wondered why people thought it was a big deal.

So sorry to hear that we lost him and so very young.

Comment I trust they remove their bars on competition? (Score 1) 155

If we want maximum progress and job growth then the entire US should have at least 1Gbps service. 40mbps is only a drop in the bucket. And why is it permitted that most people are prohibited from running servers on their home internet connection they often pay quite a bit for? This means that that wide open place you can still start a business without a ton of regulators landing on your head, the internet, is not accessible for the majority of people to legally take advantage of from their home! Instead they have to pay more to put it on Amazon EC2 or similarly or have someone else hosts it, often with more restrictions on what they can and cannot do.

We are headed into virtual reality, augmented reality, most everything wired up directly or indirectly. And they want to give someone a partial monopoly to leave people with service no better than 4G if that?

Comment I think this is bullshit (Score 5, Insightful) 1746

I am a lesbian and I still think hounding Eich for standing for Prop. 8 and threatening to boycott a cornerstone of the internet and internet development if he was CEO of the Mozilla foundation is complete and utter intolerant bullshit. I am very disappointed with people doing such things and disappointed he caved to such.

Comment incoherent (Score 4, Informative) 108

Google glass and Oculus Rift are in completely different spaces. One is Augment Reality and the other is Virtual Reality. One is for overlaying outside reality and the other is for replacing at least visual outer reality with other content. One is for augmented interaction with in commonly perceived visual world the other for deep immersion in a virtual world/worldview.

It is pretty sloppy thinking to consider them competitors.

Comment Snowden is a hero (Score 1) 180

Cybersecurity is a joke as long as NSA and other government agencies are poking access, surveillance and disruption holes in everything that they can. There will be much hype about cybersecurity to "protect" us as a guise to control, subvert and shutdown at will as much actual "computer power to the people" as possible. Be aware and do not play into this.

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