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Comment incoherent (Score 4, Informative) 108

Google glass and Oculus Rift are in completely different spaces. One is Augment Reality and the other is Virtual Reality. One is for overlaying outside reality and the other is for replacing at least visual outer reality with other content. One is for augmented interaction with in commonly perceived visual world the other for deep immersion in a virtual world/worldview.

It is pretty sloppy thinking to consider them competitors.

Comment Snowden is a hero (Score 1) 180

Cybersecurity is a joke as long as NSA and other government agencies are poking access, surveillance and disruption holes in everything that they can. There will be much hype about cybersecurity to "protect" us as a guise to control, subvert and shutdown at will as much actual "computer power to the people" as possible. Be aware and do not play into this.

Comment that blows my mind (Score 1) 234

Governments around the world have killed millions of their own people, not to mention those of other countries. US government puts more people in cages than any country, ever. Most are in for doing something with no victim, except perhaps themselves. They are not guilty of force or fraud or any direct harm to anyone. The US government runs GITMO, and tries to say torture is ok. There are Executive Orders from the president that enable detaining anyone, in principle, without due process of any kind and indefinitely. Government, when it goes south, just borrows more money or prints it or takes it from the citizens and they have no choice but to pay or be thrown in a cage. The have racked up such a bill that it would take at least two generations to pay it off. And for what? So they can spy on everything we say, all that we do, every where we go in physical world and online treating us like we are all potential terrorists or innocent until proven guilty or troublesome cattle? Is that what the people trust?

Business on the other hand can do none of these things.

So WTF would any sane person trust governments more than businesses?

Comment then law is useless (Score 1) 511

If a judge says this is legal it does not mean it is right. It only means it is within the law or precedent as the judge sees it or claims to see it. It does not remotely mean it is right or even Constitutional. And I don't give a damn. What the NSA is doing is utterly wrong. Unbearably wrong. It shall not stand.

Comment Re:Node.js (Score 1) 400

Any language describe as "not that bad" is not a language I am keen to use any more than I have to. Programming asynchronously as your predominate mode is not remotely natural. We should not be inflicting that kind of deep impedance mismatch on ourselves. If Ruby has attracted to many amateurs or hype then what of node.js and the misplaced web client programmers that think that using code with the restriction required by the client on the server is actually a good thing.

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