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Comment nuclear for the win (Score 1) 200

The last thing S. Korea or the world needs is caving to more nuclear power hysteria. Nuclear power safety record to date is three orders of magnitude better than coal and 2 orders of magnitude better than oil and gas. Yet everyone goes hysterical. And that is with so much hysteria, starting in the 70s, that no designs that are more modern can be approved for building in most countries. We are running 30-50 yr old designs. Fukushima reactor was nearly 40 years old and scheduled for decommission mere weeks after the once in 300 years mega disaster hit the region. Modern nuclear plant designs are failproof for such events and some designs produce 95% less nuclear waste. What waste they do produce has a half life 100 years instead of on the order of 10000 years. Yet their is too much hysteria to build them. Nuclear is also cost competitive with oil and gas despite the hysteria hugely driving up all costs of building and running a plan far beyond sane levels.

Oh, nuclear power also puts no CO2 into the atmosphere.

So if you want a future of clean, safe, and cheap enough power then go nuclear. At least until solar reaches grid parity which proponents say is not likely for 20-30 years.

Comment Re:bad diagnosis and treatment plan. (Score 1) 569

Also if you started later in the game of wiring up access then you start with more and better tech options than countries that started earlier. This helps tremendously.

One thing that is likely to cure the wired portion is the work that noted that you can get 1 Gbps over twisted copper over the distance from the pole to the home. This makes bringing fiber everywhere much much easier if it pans out.

Comment bad diagnosis and treatment plan. (Score 1, Informative) 569

Actually it has more to do with government interference in the market and the way spectrum was licensed and then sold at high costs by the FCC. As a result at one time there were like 300 little fiefdoms of bandwidth in cellular traffic. Which is one reason we tend to lag on cellular and one of the reasons WiMax and friend don't catch on for wireless broadband throughout a citywide area. Too many companies have paid to much for spectrum that they nickle and dime us to recoup. On the cable stuff the monopolies granted in an area are very anti-competitive. So a Comcast can charge like 97% profit rates for home internet.

The answer to the existing problems is most certainly not more regulation. It is getting government as out of the business and dropping some of the monopolies.

Comment overblown (Score 1) 116

Read a bit about dash and what it does and doesn't do. Much as I admire Stallman the man is into some serious polemics (otherwise known as FUD) at times.

For instance read:

Has Stallman head of Machine Learning and its use to improve search results? How does this occur without training data from actual searches over time? As long as it is anonymized at the recording end I don't have an issue.

Comment robocars will make you much wealthier (Score 1) 736

How would your life change and the life of millions if you didn't need to spend and hour or two every day commuting where you could do little else but drive or sit uncomfortably (more likely stand) in a bus? That is an hour or two liberated for other purposes multiplied by millions of people. That is a huge boon likely to lead to more jobs and greater wealth and more life satisfaction. So worrying about this destroying jobs is simply perverse. It might if you are a truck driver or a cabbie. Otherwise it is a huge boon.

And why would you even need to own a car if you can just whistle (tap an app on your smart phone) and one will pick you up and take you where you need to go when you need it for little more than vehicle maintenance charges? Want to own your own? Fine. Tell it go park itself and come back when you want. Or go rent itself out while you work and make its payment. :)

Comment Wasn't this solved ages ago? (Score 1) 358

I remember over two decades ago there was talk of making data objects, that is data that new how to present an object interface to get at its information. Data self contain its own reader in some ubiquitous language. But wait, we never got a ubiquitous language. Perhaps javascript today? But if you want to solve this problem then this is how to solve it. Or perhaps you could just package a converter to convert format XYZ to BSON as being good enough or at least better than today's breakage.

One thing that really burns me is having my information that I created / entered / caused to be locked up in some proprietary opaque format, especially if owned by one and only one app.

Comment Re:Works for me (Score 1) 530

Well, if you speak this way about your own intelligence and don't even have a handle on whether you are smart or relatively smart or not then I guess in your case the test was in fact wrong. :)

Are there differences in people? Obviously. Are there differences in the level of material people can learn and use fluently? Obviously again. Are people that can fluently use some types of material generally more capable in a group of areas we usually think of as requiring more intelligence, yes again. So pretending there is nothing at all to intelligence differences generally is clearly not in keeping with known data.

Comment Irrelevant (Score 2) 530

It is an undeniably obvious fact that some people are smarter than other people. So any study that says intelligence differences between people are a myth is obviously flawed and contrary to obvious everyday data.

Comment Overstated (Score 4, Insightful) 375

I have been in software for 32 years professionally. Whether there is age discrimination or not it is certainly not evenly distributed across all employers. It is not easy to find employees and co-workers who are adept at software. Even merely adequate software engineers can be elusive to find. So many companies realize that discrimination on any basis is not something they can afford. I am 58 now and still going strong. There is no way I experienced any age discrimination in my 40s. And there are several people at my current small company (80 people or so) who are older than I.

Comment Give me a break (Score 3, Informative) 392

A) Sandy has average winds less that 80 mph so the major danger is heavy rainfall (or perhaps snow) only.
B) "Nuclear meltdown" is largely a media myth. Real nuclear plants do not melt down in the way the popular mythology claims.
C) Real nuclear plant are designed to push in the control rods if anything like a power drop happens.

So stop with the 70s anti-nuclear FUD.

Comment Re:Put a few billion dollars into education (Score 1) 795

We already put more into public education per student than any country in the world. And yet the results are lousy. Clearly it is not a matter of money. Government does not belong in education. Retraining? How do you retrain adults who don't even have basic math skills in many cases to do high tech work? How many adults would do the work to get such education even if you could somehow pay for it in the already 100% GDP in debt country? Smaller classes and more teachers are not doing it. Web based education I think will help a lot. The government is not the head of the family and is not suppose to be. The assumption that it is responsible for us or has the right to run things is what got us here.

Comment complete nonsense (Score 1) 795

First US workers do not own jobs or have some special rights to onshore jobs just because they are US citizens. If they cannot do the work or do it as well then they will not get the job. US education levels and particularly tech education are overall dismal. China alone graduates 100x as many engineers and scientist as the US at Masters and PhD levels. In an increasingly tech heavy market there is increasing demand for these skills. You can't solve it locally or in US much of the time as I know from experience. Your company needs the workers to survive and grow. Why do you have very limited rights to hire workers that can provide what you need just because of some asinine visa restrictions. I have personally lost really good co-workers because the visa process kept them out for so long I could no longer afford to wait. Or a snafu sent them home. I have one co-worker and friend who has worked and lived in US for 13 years and only a year ago got his green card. He is not eligible to become citizen for years after this. PhD level professional and obvious asset as professional and hopefully citizen and he has to jump through such hoops? Clearly illogical.

The author is simply trying to making political hay with people that have no idea what they are talking about and think that merely being an American entitles them to all kinds of things including jobs they don't have the skills to do.

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