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Comment Re:brine is nasty (Score 2) 447

"It makes good meat taste like ham."
You're doing it wrong. It shouldn't taste any different.

"BTW, that 155 better be Celsius. It seems high, but any other 155 (K, F, or R) would be horrid."
155F for breast meat is near perfect. Cooked, but still juicy. Some people are freaked out by any hint of pink on the bones. I feel sad for them, but they could cook to 165 or 170 and probably it would not be too overcooked. 155 C would be dried out and inedible.

Comment Re:Biking is better (Score 1) 342

The one time I rode a neighbor's recumbent, I found hills are about the same as a regular bike. Because your back is against a backrest, I could push harder on the pedals. On an upright bike once you push hard enough to lift yourself off the seat you have maxed out. The best thing for hills is just to gear way down.

Comment Re:Why... (Score 1) 1113

"In the beginning, there was nothing. Then it exploded". - My irony detector doesn't seem to be working today. I can't tell if this comment is making fun of the religious interpretation of the big bang, or is a straw man deliberately misrepresenting what the big bang is.

"In the beginning, everything was in one place. Then it expanded in all directions. And, it's still expanding today"

Comment Re:Oh Boeing... (Score 4, Informative) 403

What? The sonic boom is generated by the passing of the shockwave from an aircraft flying overhead at supersonic speed. It doesn't just happen once when the aircraft "breaks the sound barrier". The shockwave is produced as long as the aircraft is flying at supersonic speeds. Everywhere that the trailing shock wave passes over will experience the sonic boom.

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