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Comment Re:not all shaping / policing is bad. (Score 1) 113

You have a dedicated 3Mb/s ADSL connection? That kind of thing costs hundreds a month here in Australia, usually the consumer grade plans are fine, cheap and very fast, but the guarantee to always supply you a certain sized pipe costs way way more. Having that bandwidth sitting there doing nothing when you're asleep, just in case you wake up and need your 3Mb/s out of nowhere costs the ISP constantly. Most business plans I see now just quote the "up to" speeds, I guess because in reality most people are fine if their connection drops down a smidgen once in a blue moon, and is blazing fast the rest of the time.

Comment Re:Bandwidth Limitations? (Score 1) 143

Gotcha, I was pretty ignorant of the wait for "clear air" aspect of it, I do think though that given the limited amount of bands, improvements will have to happen at the protocol and physical layers, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11ac this has a lot of stuff over my head, but "downlink multi user MIMO" sounds like it might be beneficial for lots of people all streaming at once on the same network? I guess one good thing about having a wifi network in a plane is you're pretty much guaranteed to be the only access point(s) in the vicinity! :-)

Comment Re:Bandwidth Limitations? (Score 1) 143

I'm missing something here, already do what? stream movies on a local wireless network? Yes believe they do. In a plane? no idea, and I'm not sure how the amount of spectrum available factors into that equation. I don't think bandwidth is the hurdle for many uses of any wireless networking, IME it's the necessarily huge latency (relatively) of most any flavour of wireless that makes it useless for doing lots of "cool shit"...

Comment Re:Violence is required (Score 1) 262

Hell yeah, let's just do it man... it sounds straightforward enough... Sounds like in an old western, the malware monetizers are the baddies in black robbing trains, and we can be the posse of marshalls tracking them by analysing their leavings. I'm going to call this goodie gang: "Literally *all* of the best hackers /in the world/ (who aren't criminals)" Our motto will be "Cyber bad guys - they need to be stopped"

Comment Re:Alternatives to FTP (Score 1) 253

Thanks for the reply, I wasn't very clear in my post sorry - I use FTP clients already, but was wondering - given all the negative comments about FTP here - if there are better solutions for managing website files I could look into. The CLI thing was alluding to SSHing to the server in mac terminal - which has some nice advantages through linux shell access (e.g. wget-ing big files from the web directly to the server), but which I suck at using in terms of productivity. Anyway, this question would be much better asked in a thread about managing websites, my bad!

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