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Comment Re:Air Gapped Box (Score 1) 445

Completely off topic: what would be the best way to physically disable the wifi capability of a device. Obviously you can disable in software, but I'm the paranoid sort, and would love a way of knowing that my IP web cam is not gonna be doing anything with that wifi antenna. Thinking maybe some kind of terminator or some other way of "absorbing" the signals.

That's easy - dunk it in water. You'll obtain the exact functionality you are asking for.

Comment Re:Hacker??!! (Score 1) 248

I don't understand why every business doesn't just pull out of France altogether. It can't be worth staying in a place where the government does everything in the absolute dumbest way possible. Whenever I hear of American government stupidity stories I remind myself that at least I don't have to live in France.

Comment Re:You sound like an industry lobbyist (Score 1) 618

You could not be more wrong. There is nothing in the comment you replied to that say anything of the sort you are claiming. The former EPA employee simply wanted to replace obsolete regulations with some that are more applicable in the modern world. You then set up your own strawman argument to attack him.

Comment Re:Just another reason to abolish the DEA (Score 2) 266

Public opinion is turning sharply towards favoring legalization of marijuana. If the DEA did what you said and swooped in, that would backfire big. Congressmen would be talking about chopping the DEA's budget down to basically nothing, because its what the people would want to hear.

Comment Re:Fruit of the poison tree (Score 1) 266

You're missing the point which is that the DEA *knows* the evidence can't be used in court. The DEA instead uses the evidence to surveil the person they are after to later catch them in the act or catch them in possession or whatever. In other words - the illegal spying just lets them know that criminal acts are going on and allows them to follow up with methods that are legal to actually catch the person in the act.

There is legal precedent establishing that this *may* be legal (quote from a techdirt article earlier today):

And the problem with this is?

Comment Re:Discriminate by age and other characteristics (Score -1) 213

Politicians (mainly Democrats) want a permanent black underclass in order to foster dependency which leads to an easily exploitable constituency. What do Democrats gain from this? Lots of social programs for their buddies to administer, and a lifetime of votes from the dependent underclass. After I moved to Chicago I learned all about this, as Chicago is the home of Jesse Jackson the master race baiter.

Comment Re:non violent offenders in prison = overcrowding (Score 1) 263

Although I'm all in favor of marijuana decriminalization, I also don't believe that prisons are full of people who have done nothing more than get arrested with a little bit of weed. Groups like NORML tend to exaggerate this a lot. They claim someone is locked up "just for pot" when in fact they had enough to be considered a dealer along with an illegal firearm. Quite a bit of difference.

Comment Re:stop whining and... (Score 1) 692

To add to this: interviewers asking lazy questions (What is your greatest weakness?) should expect lazy, canned answers (I work too hard). If you want to gauge someone's critical thinking skills, ask a creative question requiring original thought to answer. Not some question that can be found on a list of 50 top interview questions.

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