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Comment Re:All Feds. (Score 1) 841

Ever since late 2001, anything that falls under the Homeland Security umbrella (a LOT of stuff) might as well have an unlimited budget. Even now its hard for an expense to be denied under the guise of "national security". In 2004 you could get as much money as you wanted if you were a government contractor doing something that might fight "evildoers".

Comment Re:This should be amusing (Score 1) 582

POTS service in the last 5 years is NOT what it was 15 years ago. Reliability, resilience and call quality have taken a hit in favor of cost cutting. Customers don't care enough to complain anymore since they are all using cell phones or Voip anyway. POTS is already on life support and not coming back - might as well go ahead and pull the plug.

Given the same scenario today, I doubt your POTS line would be working, not to mention you wouldn't be able to call any neighbors since they wouldn't have POTS lines anymore.

Comment Re: Booze Bus (Score 1) 783

While your post is factually correct, it is logically inconsistent. If the standard for safe driving is complete and total sobriety and 100% motor control, there are many people who are on the road today, completely sober, who need to lose their license permanently. I have better reflexes and reaction time after a couple of beers than many people do when completely sober.

Either its safe for me to drive or they need to be off the road. Which one is it? In this politically correct country of ours we refuse to make this important distinction.

Comment Re:Fear is inherent. (Score 1) 926

It's called differentiation between good gun owners and bad gun owners, dipshit. Yes its more complicated than that but I had to dumb it down sufficiently for you to even begin to understand. Here's a hint: it isn't hunters and target shooters that are shooting up elementary schools.

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