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Comment Re:Simple solution, more government! (Score 1) 592

Liberals are OK with this, since Facebook is a liberal corporation. Tax breaks are only bad when used by conservative companies such as oil producers. This is the same reason you never hear liberals demonizing pro athletes or actors/singers for making a lot of money, but they will absolutely rip into wall streeters, many of which make less.

Comment Re:Freedom of Speech protects you from the governm (Score 3, Interesting) 1061

The IRS should however relentlessly audit the books of this organization. To make sure they are compliant, you know. If they end up costing the "church" a lot of money and frustration in the process, too bad so sad. If the Obama administration has no problem using government agencies to harass non-union companies, they should have no problem doing it to the Westboro terrorists.

Comment Re:Kind of silly (Score 1) 100

California officials have no desire to confront their fiscal problems. They would rather add to them by doing things such as building high-speed rail to nowhere and a football stadium in LA for a team they don't have using money they don't have. But it keeps the unions happy, which keeps Democrat politicians elected. That is how California (and Illinois) work in a nutshell.

Comment Re:Extraterritoriality in law is strange (Score 1) 100

Yep. Like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The only real reason it exists is to shake down U.S. businesses for violating laws in OTHER countries which may or may not even be provable. But most companies find it not worth the effort to fight, and pay the government a few thousand in protection money to leave them alone. Obama loves using this against anti-union companies or those that aren't "green" enough.

Comment Re:Unauthorized export resale? (Score 0) 936

Actually she likely would have been injured more seriously if they had not Tazed her and had instead tried to brute-force restrain her. Not to mention, a little zapping can be good for people like this. I bet she won't try that shit again.

Jail is not really punitive for many people, but zapping their ass can be. The Tazer is a perfect compliance tool. And no, I don't support a police state. I support an orderly society, which I know is not a popular opinion on this website.

Comment Re:Unauthorized export resale? (Score 0) 936

Right, because they Tazed her as soon as they showed up. I'm sure it wasn't after she resisted NUMEROUS times and refused to cooperate in any way. Why do fucking retards like yourself always IMMEDIATELY assume the cops are in the wrong without bothering to find out a few minimal facts about the incident being discussed?

Comment Re:Ah, so there we go.... (Score 1) 212

The UN will stop at nothing to achieve its true goal of wealth redistribution. Environmental programs could be the most effective ways to achieve this, which is why they are hell-bent on hyping up "climate change" at every opportunity. It has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with social justice.

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