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Comment Re:I don't see how that would work here... (Score 1) 377

Actually, you SHOULD ignore those kind of emails. Let the lowest-bidder incompetent outsourcing firm cause a production outage and make sure that all fingers point at them. This will get management's attention and ensure that proper change controls are put in place. Otherwise they're content to just let you work at all hours fixing the mistakes of the cheap labor.

Comment Re:Get a clue Big Sis (Score 0) 256

The ACLU's unstated but strongly-fought-for mission is to undermine civilized society at every turn. They fight against an orderly society in every way possible, especially anything law-enforcement related.

If it were up to the ACLU, terrorists could attack us anytime because there would be no security measures of any kind lest someone become offended. The ACLU types would then blame the government for not protecting us from the attack, as they did with Bush after 9/11.

Comment Re:EULAs (Score 3, Interesting) 384

If anyone could be absolved of all legal liability just by getting the other party to sign a waiver, then why does nearly every business in existence have a general liability insurance policy?

Why do doctors pay a ton of money for malpractice insurance when they could instead make their patients sign a waiver?

Drafting a liability release form is one thing - having it hold up in court is quite another.

Comment Re:also reduces IT costs (Score 1) 232

Lots of IT morons think this. I've met plenty. The devices in question are secured by major vendor software with numerous well-documented hacks. But this makes the morons feel safe enough to put client data on them.

Don't secure the device - secure the data. Truly sensitive data should not exist on a portable device. It should be kept on a server and made available by display only to the remote device. As soon as the network connection is broken, no more access to the data unless the network itself is hacked.

Comment Re:also reduces IT costs (Score 1) 232

Only in your wildest IT Nerd dreams could you punish a user severely just because they found a way to check their GMail account from "your" network. Try having the VP of Sales fired for that. Even if he does cause a data breach, he'll just make sure you get blamed for that because he is far more skilled in organizational politics then you could ever be.

Comment Re:also reduces IT costs (Score 1) 232

Bla bla bla, we've heard it all. People said the same thing about PCs in the enterprise in the early 80s. Sure, some of the problems the "IT High Priests" foretold did end up coming true, but the high priests lost the PC battle and overall PCs in the workplace were much more of a benefit than a hazard. Even if IT could no longer control everything with an iron fist.

The same battle is being replayed with smart phones and BYOD. And the IT High Priests will lose again.

Strike a BALANCE between APPROPRIATE security and usability, or your IT department will be outsourced.

Comment Re:A better headline, and a funny story (Score 1) 417

So any disgruntled employee (or visitor) who wanted to sabotage your company and cost you dearly can do so just by cross-connecting an Ethernet cable? That's about as sophisticated as having a keypad entry on your front door with a passcode of 1234. Holy hell, I hope that IT manager was fired right after the dumb employee.

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