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Comment Re:The difference is in the details (Score 5, Insightful) 204

As a basic transportation appliance for moving a standard family unit with accessories and groceries from point A to point B, the Ferrari sucks ass. The Corolla provides 1000x the value for that purpose.

For recreational driving, having fun, going fast, showing off, the Ferrari wins. Some people will never appreciate any of those things and struggle to rationalize why anyone would ever waste money on a sports car. Finding nothing in their own psychological inventory, they project feelings and motivations familiar to them, such as issues of "inadequacy", particularly sexual inadequacy. ("He has that fancy car to compensate for his small penis, ha ha!") Such projections reveal at best a lack of experience, perspective, and imagination; at worst a small-minded pettiness brought on by envy that someone else would have the means to waste so much money on such a frivolity.

Comment Re:Negotiation: 101 (Score 2) 735

So you ask for a pay rise, almost certainly the response will be: "well, we don't have the budget to do anything now, but I'll make sure you are rewarded when you review comes round in X months time."

You're now in the worst possible situation.

No, you're in the best possible situation. The old company has rejected your very modest request and you move with a clear conscience to the new company for a nice pay raise and no more commute.

[other nonsense snipped]

Are you even reading the same story as the rest of us? That all seems completely irrelevant.

BTW, this is not the time to ask for a pay raise, unless you just want an excuse to leave. This is the time to ask for a substantial share of the company and a big promotion. Since it's a small company, vice president seems appropriate. If the company will certainly fail without you then this is a no-brainer for the owners. Once again, all they can do is say no; you shrug and leave with a clear conscience for greener pastures.

The worst possible thing you can do is stay where you are out of "loyalty" without making it perfectly clear to coworkers, management, and shareholders what you're sacrificing for their sake, and getting a real commitment of loyalty in return from them. If they don't understand why you're staying they might see your "loyalty" as weakness (afraid to try a new job) and feel free to abuse you in the future. Their commitment is best expressed in some tangible form that's obvious to everyone.

Comment Re:Practiced lying can defeat lie detectors... (Score 1) 183

It doesn't matter what you did or didn't do. Police interrogations are almost always fishing expeditions to gather confession-like statements that can be used as leverage in a plea bargain. They are very good at twisting anything you say to look like you've confessed to some crime, perhaps not even what they arrested you for. Always exercising your right to remain silent makes these fishing expeditions less productive and discourages the police from routinely attempting to boost conviction rates by harassing and intimidating innocent people.

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