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Comment Re:There are ways of posting bad reviews (Score 1) 183

Because the subjects of the review (the number of rooms and presence of bed, the owner being a stickler for correct bills) are peripheral to what normal would-be visitors expect to read, and that's usually enough of a clue to tip them off.

It's used all the time: when you want to tell people your business is under an NSA gag order, to clue in a potential employer they should not to hire one of your former employees who's incompetent... without saying so explicitely because you can't.

Comment Re:It's not that much (Score 3, Interesting) 442

considering Miami Vice was pulling these kinds of numbers in the '80s. Granted, it was only for one actor, but still.

Yes, and if you remember, the other lead actor was paid less well because he was rather less white, and he was rather pissed off about it, understandably.

These star actors cost a lot, yes, but they also brought in a lot of money. So I suppose it was, and still is a sound investment.

Comment There are ways of posting bad reviews (Score 5, Funny) 183

without posting anything bad. For instance:

- This hotel definitely has 8 rooms, and all of them have beds.
- The hotel's owner is very dedicated to ensuring your bill is correct when you leave.
- Checkout time is strictly enforced, so you're sure to find your room empty when you arrive.
- Staying at this hotel is much better than camping on a landfill.
- This hotel is much less expensive than the George V, and much more comfortable than a Texas motel.

Comment Re:So start organizing (Score 1) 108

No the dirty secret is when IT people are young we are all naive, idealistic Libertarians who couldn't fathom the idea that Labor might need protection from Capital when the Free Market can clearly fix all ills if only the government would get out of the way.

Or, more cynically, everyone thinks they're better than average, so they don't want a union cramping their style. One might say the result is laser-guided karma giving them exactly what they said those "weaker" programmers deserved: low wage, bad working conditions and no job security.

Comment Re:Ooh, get tough... (Score 2) 108

Eventually, at some point, us plebians have to get fed up with it right? I mean, we just MUST have a breaking point, right?

And then what? Revolution? You know how that'll end - meet the new boss, the same as the old boss. It's because the new boss what taught what it means to be a boss by the old boss. Just like LinkedIn's leadership was taught that making money is the most valuable thing, and just like the slap on the wrist they received as a nominal punishment confirms that they have indeed correctly discerned and internalized society's values, so their only real crime was getting caught.

People's internalized value systems and patterns of behaviour interpret information and suggest actions just like inherent biological instincts do. Acting out these impulses then demonstrates these models to any onlookers, who'll eventually internalize them in turn. Abused people often become abusers, because they have the model and only need to switch roles. Similarly, current world culture has as a central model constant abuse of the weak by the powerful, and has been for who knows how many millenia. It's so endemic it's become more or less synonymous with "human nature", and keeps on being imprinted on every new generation, even in nominally free societies.

So no, us plebeians reaching our breaking point wouldn't change anything. The basic assumptions on the system are inside us - specifically that some people are plebeian and some patrician - so we'd simply rebuild it with some role reassignments. The only way to break free is to recognize these internalized diseased structures in yourself, systematically eradicate them by ignoring their promptings so they fade away, and let your new behaviour re-socialize the people around you by contradicting their internalized systems of abuse. But of course, that means giving up the quest for money and power, and simultaneously making yourself the mortal enemy of an entire world culture built on a fundamentally insane basis, so historically such quests have ended very, very badly.

Comment Re:Expert:Ebola Vaccine At Least 50 White People A (Score 4, Insightful) 390

You are seeing an inelastic market; that is if a drug or procedure will save you life, it does not matter of it costs $5 or $5000, you will find the money to pay for it.

Of course, this ignores the reaction of onlookers, who are given a clear message that they're worth nothing to their society, and as such don't owe it anything either. I wonder if a nation facing such a problem might turn to exaggerated forms of patriotism as a desperate attempt to win loyalty where none is deserved, such as making little kids swear their allegiance every morning?

Health care is one of the few areas where "the free market" does not work as naively expected.

Free market doesn't really seem to work anywhere anymore, seeing how economy is always in a crisis, unemployment has apparently become permanent fixture of it and even employed people can't afford the lifestyle of their parents without getting into debt.

Comment Re:"mobile first" strategy (Score 1) 151

This man either has no real vision, or he's very bad at communicating a clear vision.

He has no idea what to do. Mass layoffs make it pretty much impossible to launch new products (since who will develop them) or do any other major moves (since those always cause inefficiency before people adapt). Assuming he's not a complete idiot, he doesn't see Microsoft to be doing either in near future, then, and is trying to optimize the current situation by cutting costs.

In other words, as far as Nadella is concerned Microsoft has become a has-been, and he's adapting the company to make as much profits as possible from its legacy on its way out.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 0) 151

Nah, don't worry about it. It's just some "security expert" going all dramatic on some minor vulnerability he found, to plaster his name on the front page. Anything talking of airplanes, hacking, hijacking, plays the terrorism bullshit music score, and is a surefire way of attracting media attention.

No doubt the TSA will very soon jump on the opportunity to invent some new rule to steal - sorry, confiscate - your Wifi-enabled devices at the security checkpoint too...

Comment Re:Real men (Score 1) 430

That's why FOSS tends to suck in those areas compared to the commercial stuff (where they actually pay technical writers, designers, marketers, etc.)

So, I take it you've never written commercial software? ;-) I'm pretty sure tech writers are the exception, not the rule. In 24 years of writing software, I've been in two jobs that had technical writers on staff. And one of those was an NSA/(D)ARPA research project where the government mandated big binders full of docs.

Comment Re:Well at least they saved the children! (Score 0) 790

Just because you are an unethical lying manipulative bastard doesn't mean everyone is.

Doesn't matter. That there are unethical lying manipulative bastards is sufficient to cast doubt on evidence that could have been tampered with.

Also, you should seek help for whatever personal issues you're projecting here.

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