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Comment Re:Source code (Score 4, Funny) 211

-h? Next time, use all three of these: -?, -help, --help. I'm probably not going to try throwing -h at a program without having a clue what it might do.

Then use the damn manual. That's why we write them. If you want to know how to use the manual, use the manual:
$ man man

... hmm, That gives me an idea.
$ man woman
No manual entry for woman

Yep. It knows everything!

Comment Re:I'm totally holding out (Score 1) 89

The other alternative is to not turn things that do not absolutely have to be done by the government into another government bureaucracy.

There is no such thing as "absolutely have to". You don't absolutely have to eat; you'll die if you don't, but that's just a matter of consequences which you would likely find unpleasant. And in some cases it might be better to go hungry for a while rather than eat unhealthy or downright poisonous food. It's the same with government: you have to actually think about the consequences of taking one option or another, not just pick an ideology such as minarchism and shoot it at every problem like it was a silver bullet. That's been done, over and over again, and it's always been a disaster.

Bureaucracy is a necessary evil. Let us do our best to keep it as small as possible though.

And this is another thing: why do you consider bureaucracy to be evil? What is it that you're trying to achieve by minimising it? I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here and assuming you're not just trying to get people killed, as your original post would lead me to think.

Comment Re:I'm totally holding out (Score 1) 89

The alternative to bureaucracy is that some guy makes the decisions by himself. He dictates them. Let's call him "the dicatotor", shall we? Or we could go with anarchy and let the guy with the biggest stick take over.

Congratulations, you're one of the "fucking idiots" who "need to die", according to yourself. But the problem is that you'll take more people with you and fuck things up on your way out even for those left behind. Which is why we need the warning labels on things and why the cold, unfeeling, bean-counting rationality of bureaucracy demands them to be there, even when morons like you might feel emotional distress at the terrifying thought of people continuing to draw breath despite failing some arbitrary witness test based on an imaginary alternative reality where humans aren't social animals yet somehow still developed culture.

Count yourself lucky that some of us are capable of thinking beyond our gut reactions, you creep.

Comment Re:as loudly (Score 4, Funny) 459

Grown men who play with children's toys are creepy. An occasional animated show is fine; making it the center of your life is weird.

The good thing about being a "grown man" is that you can make anything you want the center of your life without caring whether someone else thinks its weird, creepy or just plain nuts.

So gaze upon my cute puppy wallpaper and despair.

Comment Re:But but but...... (Score 2) 262

Lacks nuance.

There's no business case for Mars sample return, for instance.

You are far too short-sighted. Think about this: War profiteers make trillions, arguably the largest economy is that of death. Also, It takes a division of people to cause a war.

Space is the greatest divider of all. You think pork spending is rife now? Just wait till the folks you're fighting are ON ANOTHER PLANET. Put some people on the moon or Mars... It will be made to pay off, big time.

"no business" -- How quaint. You are now aware that oil is expensive and rare, and solar cheap and plentiful. Excuses will be made for profiteers, the material is of little concern. I can almost hear it now: "They're destroying the historic heritage of mankind by defiling the red planet with their human contaminates! The potential scientific samples lost are irreplaceable and invaluable! This means war!" See, you don't even have to return them to extract a profit from the samples.

Your planetary concerns are ridiculously naive. Your moronic priorities are a disgrace to all sentient beings who share them. You WILL become EXTINCT. Having multiple self sustaining extraplanetary footholds of life is the only way to reduce the chance of your extinction, earthling. You think interstellar politics is something? Just wait till the Andromeda merger. Galactic Politics will blow your ever crapping minds.

Comment Re:as loudly (Score 3, Insightful) 459

The hell do folks' personal gaming interest have to do with their professional life?

Because, as the song says, "high school never ends" and "all that matters is climbing up that social ladder".

Work is basically a LARP where you play a role to get the gold. You might not actually be a lvl 1 Office Drone, but you damn well better learn to pretend. And it makes sense, from viewpoint of efficiency: no one there knows you, at least not initially, but they know what to expect from an Office Drone.

Life is pretty surreal most of the time. Don't get upset about it, just enjoy the implicit comedy.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 732

Go back to putting appropriately sized engines and gear ratios in cars and they will be able to accelerate quickly, get good fuel economy, and limit their top speed to about 1.25 times the maximum speed limit allowed. After all, why manufacture cars with a top speed of 150-200mph when the maximum legal speed limit is 70mph?

Trailers. If you the car is able to pull them, as many do, it needs extra engine power to do so. Also, there's a huge difference between traveling by yourself and having (the standard maximum of) 4 passengers and their stuff in the trunk. Finally, the harder the engine works the faster it wears off, and likely gets worse fuel economy, which means you need a power margin to keep it at its sweet spot.

It seems that if the state can revoke your license for dwi because you might hurt somebody while driving while intoxicated, the same rational would work for driving well above the posted speed limit.

Of course it can. And of course it's pretty much useless, especially for drunk drivers: they'll simply drive without it. You need to confiscate the car for the duration to have any effect.

Comment Build big concave reflective structures (Score 1) 151

Missed opportunity for solar power collection, if you ask me. Instead of not building curved structures, curve away but do so in a manner that's actually useful and shows some foresight. It's not like we haven't given you ray-tracing technology to make pretty print outs of the damn designs anyway; Use it to map the paths of the sun too you damn dirty apes.

Comment Re:Talk about a sensationalist headline (Score 1) 151

I was disappointed too. I expected the building a metaphor for a business now sagging under it's own weight, and the car an analogy for their products melting down.
Don't tell me, I know what you're thinking. The Committee for Inverse Automotive Analogies (CIAA) was unimpressed too; Hence my disappointment from the bored board of boredom...

Comment This has all happened before, and it will allAGRH! (Score 2) 459

Baby Boomers are just fine, in fact I know several of their parents, even they can use Linux! I call them The Lucky Few". Gnome has mouse "drag and drop" threshold that keeps them from accidentally copying folders and files with their shaky hands...

I've volunteered to teach Computer Literacy for years at Community Centers -- since I was a teen. So, I've got quite a bit of experience as a Gen X'er to hand down to the Gen Y folks, and it's this:
Baby Boomers are the least of your worries. As Gen Y, you must be prepared to deal with Generation Z.
So, get your Z-Day kit in order -- It's like a hurricane kit, but with more shotguns.
Do what you know you have to do. Malls are not safe-houses. The freeways will be tasty flesh bottlenecks.
Check your friends and loved ones for bite marks. Remember, if she's got teeth marks, she's not your grandmother anymore.

Comment Re:Does the UK get any say? (Score 1) 148

Quite. Just ask the Germans. Their eco-hippies persuaded their government about 10 years ago to begin the phase-out of nuclear power because it's "dirty, dangerous and expensive." The solution was more efficient turbines in conventional gas stations and lots of wind turbines.

I believe the French nuclear generator has done very well out of this arrangement...

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