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Comment Re:What about frame rates? (Score 1) 422

American TV has been 60hz since it was invented, even when interlacing meant that the "complete" frame was only refreshed 30 times a second, each interlaced field is a distinct temporal sample, giving 60Hz motion. The new 720p standard (used by FOX and ABC networks over the air, plus FSN, ESPN, and many others over cable/satellite) is 60Hz progressive, and 1080 is 60hz interlaced.

Comment Re:all good technology kills jobs (Score 1) 308

Exactly what steps is an adult supposed to take to go from being a toll booth operator to being a robotics engineer? Half the population is below median intelligence, and I want you to think for a moment about what median intelligence is, and imagine half the entire Earth's population being below that. A significant number of people have only their muscles and their ability to follow instructions to contribute to the world, and as long as the distribution of intelligence doesn't change, it will be that way for the foreseeable future. You automate their jobs away, they're not becoming fucking robot designers or computer programmers, they're becoming homeless.

Comment Re:Colors (Score 1) 127

The refractive index is the ratio of the difference in speed between light in a medium and light in a vacuum. If a material has a different index of refraction at different wavelengths, then by definition the light is traveling at a different speed at different wavelengths in that material.

Comment Re:sorry for being dense, but... (Score 1) 166

The problem arises when two people have an announcement to make at the same time, usually when they're both waiting for another person to finish making their own announcement. Also don't forget that gaming VOIP software is quite often used for social purposes (VOIP use in public server TF2 is very very rarely related to the game at hand), and occasionally used by casters for commentating as well. It absolutely needs to live up to the same demands that "conversational" VOIP software needs to live up to.

Comment Re:sorry for being dense, but... (Score 1) 166

For simple half-duplex systems like gaming, more lag is not really noticeable.

The only practical difference between gaming VOIP and Skype is having to hit a push-to-talk button. Latency issues like people stepping on each other crop up in gaming VOIP in much the same way that they pop up in high-latency cell phone or Skype conversations.

Comment Re:TFA is all and good... but (Score 1) 247

VAC can drop the banhammer, locking you out of your game library at their whim with absolutely no way of redress.

A VAC ban only prevents you from playing online on VAC-enabled servers. It has no effect on your singleplayer library, and you can play multiplayer titles on non-VAC-enabled servers as well (however rare those may be).

your ass is banned even though you never did anything close to a wall is definitely not unheard of a permanent ban handed to a guy who forgot to uninstall SoftICE or Visual Studio.

Are there any documented cases of this?

Comment Re:I agree - they're still in the Matrix (Score 2) 640

The mystery guy they refer to in the first Matrix who "freed the first of us" and could "reshape the matrix to how he wished". Remember him? When he freed the first of the resistance fighters, who was piloting a ship to catch them and keep them from drowning???

At the end of Reloaded, The Architect tells Neo that the whole thing is a cycle where the machines repeatedly destroy Zion and whoever is The One at the time chooses a small group of people to start repopulating Zion with... I would assume that those people would have been chosen from the pod farm and delivered to Zion by the machines themselves, and could have simply woken up with The One standing over them saying "ohai, ur not in teh matricks anymore".

Comment Re:Shocking news: (Score 1) 387

I have seen after game videos enough where impossible shots were made. Repeatedly.

What is your definition of an "impossible" shot? The problem with most accusations of cheating is that people generally use the term "impossible" to mean "something I couldn't do myself," when the reality is that what is humanly possible goes *well* beyond your own personal limitations, especially if you do not routinely push them. The top tiers of video gaming are full of people who have dedicated their lives to approaching the limits of what is humanly possible, just like the top tiers of any other endeavor you could imagine. Unless you're seeing things like crosshairs snapping perfectly (as in, in zero frames) to unpredictable targets (someone walking in a straight line is not unpredictable), I really wouldn't be that quick to label someone a cheater. There is a very real possibility that they're just that good.

I stand by my assertion that I have never, in 15 years of online gaming, ever seen anyone do anything that I couldn't attribute to pure skill on their part. If anyone I've played against actually was cheating, they weren't doing anything that was humanly impossible, and that I couldn't figure out how to beat.

Furthermore, if you're playing games that a simple automatic cheat could substantially improve someone's play at, then you're really playing the wrong games. Aimbots only help you in games with extremely powerful hitscan weapons, like Counter-Strike (which I've always found boring). Play Quake or Team Fortress. Even if you're cheating, somebody who knows the game better than you will demolish you.

Comment Re:Shocking news: (Score 1) 387

aimbots are an accepted tool of the trade for pwnage.

[Citation Needed]

In all my years of PC gaming I've never run across anyone whose skills couldn't be explained by... skill. Your peers ignore your cries of "cheater!" because 99% of the time that someone accuses someone of cheating it's because they got owned and feel like crying about it. I have a friend who gets banned from MW:BO servers constantly, despite having a web page full of demos and a youtube channel full of videos showing him doing everything he does perfectly legitimately. People just can't believe that other people are better at video games than them.

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