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Comment Re:AWS is too expensive (Score 1) 142

Yes I can buy it, but then you need to include hardware installation price and hosting price.

And if the Amazon computer hosting my vm dies, the system will just boot up on a new computer and restart the vm, without me even knowing it. With the dell I would have next day business service aka far to much down time.

The reason the company I work for uses vms(Not from amazon however) is that if there are hardware problems we just reboot, and if there are to many problems with our host, all we have to do is a dns change, a scp, and a database copy(Or restore from backup) and then we can be online in a new data center.

I would however be cautious with a big database server at amazon, because I don't think their io performance is that good, and than is the thing a huge database server really need.

Comment Re:Buzzzzz word compliant. (Score 1) 232

Lvalue/rvalue is a thing most languages have, but most developers don't really use these terms unless they have taken a compiler writing course.

But languages which uses references includes java and php (And i guess c#/.net). Just try to google "does java use pass by value" to see the confusion. (Which is sourced in the fact that nobody have a definite definition of what a reference or pointer* is.

*I would argue that a pointer is simply a memory address, and that the value of a pointer is an memory address, but there are people who disagree.

Comment Re:Intentional sabotage? (Score 1) 178

No, I would use 10/40/100 (Depending on how fast I really need it) gigabit ethernet.

It seems like people can't find a good reason to use Thunderbolt. Yes you can connect a monitor, but I already have hdmi and dvi, so no need to make an new standard for that. And for anything else, either ethernet or usb is the thing to use.

Comment Re:I've been using Eclipse since before it was Ecl (Score 1) 140

Which is why you should use the x86(intel atom) version instead of the arm version. It is much much much faster. Once you have downloaded the atom version, you can choose between arm and intel when creating a new emulator.

Why Google have chosen "download arm only" as the default, I really don't understand. But this is a case studio in "Defaults matter".

Comment Re: oh my god!! (Score 1) 212

Yes steam itself is a dep file, but I am pretty sure that the games installed from within steam are not .dep files so that does not really help.

And it especially going to be multi distribution issue to install these SELinux rules. Steam itself can run on other distributions but I don't think there is a general way to write distribution agnostic SELinux rules.

Comment Re:FTL Faster Than Light (Score 1) 669


I think I can win the game 80% of the time, and the rest of the time i die due to mistakes. Yes random effects changes the difficulty level, but there are no cases where you don't have a change.

(At least for the standard start ship. Some of the other ships without shields and/or weapons are much much more difficult).

Comment And can we please have a "Newest first" option (Score 1) 2219

Can we please have our "Newest first, ignore threads" option back?

Usecase: I just re-visited this thread about the beta, and I would like to read all new entries since I last read it. Which is exactly what "Newest first, ignore threads" would do. But it seems that feature is lost too*.

Remember should not be about making a new slashdot, but about making a better slashdot. It currently fails in that regard.

*And I lost that feature many years ago, but might be a good time to got it back.

Oh and there seems to be a bug in this comment, where it doubles the line spacing between my paragraphs.

Comment Re:And that's exactly what I asked for. (Score 1) 2219

And I think message really shows the problem: Let me show how I as a user see the beta communication:

Hey, we have this total broken beta slashdot site, and in a few months you will all be forced to use it if you want to browse slashdot. But don't worry we hope we will fix the worst bugs before the cutoff date.

Which raise the question: If you know its so broken that most people find it useless, why do you present it as "The new slashdot, which all users will be forced to browse in a few months".

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