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Comment Re:1st and I hope last time on gizmodo (Score 1) 203

One obvious difference - in the NASA image, clouds have no shadow, in the russian one they do. That makes the NASA image look flat, and the russian one jump out in 3D. Why that is, I'm not sure.

The Russian image is taken at the day-night border, where the sunlight comes from the side, while the NASA image is taken around noon. The shadows make the landscape much more visible. Spy satellite images are often taken in the morning or late afternoon for the same reason.

Comment Re:Works for me (Score 1) 227

==> so it's hosted in Denmark now!
  I recommend that the 4498 unrelated sites should do likewise, and find a hosting provider with a spine.

the hostingprovider has a spine and was danish from the beginning. The serverhoster (serverloft) has no spine and is located in Germany.

Comment Re:What the fuck (Score 1) 170

Your number one priority in a Tiger Park is... to maintain the tiger population. How the fuck do you let 24 tigers die in 36 months? Am I the only one that thinks that maybe after the first 12 months someone should have said, "wait a minute, we've got less tigers now than 12 months ago" and tried to figure out what the fuck was going wrong? How the fuck do you not notice anything is wrong in three years? Surely 24 tigers did not die in the past few months, right?

Go RTFA: "warning bells were sounded regularly for the last eight years", so they did notice, but couldn't come up with the reason for the decline.

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