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Comment Re:Really 4D/5D? (Score 1) 171

Yes, you could represent the 4D cube state textually too (I think this is what you are asking). However, the 4D cube does not have 27 sides (also called "faces"). It has 8 faces with 27 stickers per face, verses the 3D cube which has 6 faces with 9 stickers per face. So a textual representation of the 4D cube might be something like...



And a twist would jump all the characters representing stickers from certain faces to others in a certain way. If we represent the puzzle in this way, a twist is probably more difficult to follow than the graphically projected representation of MagicCube4D though.

I've seen textual representations that try to mimick mathematical projecting down dimensions too. These are more complicated in their organization but still contain the same total number of characters representing all the different colored stickers.

Hope this helped answer your question.

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