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Comment Re:That's right (Score 1) 19

What sane budget do we have? We've been putzing along on Continuing Resolutions for years.
But you don't have any real opposition from me on a total review of our jacked up foreign policy.
Given that neither isolation nor Team America: World Police are sustainable, what do you realistically prescribe?

Comment Re:I resemble that remark (Score 1) 81

Limited sovereignty is worthless. For a state to be autonomous, sovereignty must be total.

But that's an idealized notion. Reality is going to force some compromise on style. What we have to do is keep the substance clean.

Comment That's right (Score 1) 19

When we're huddled around the fire, burning tires for warmth (I'll never forget the reek of a January morning in Kabul) let's just keep the blame on Walmart.
That way, none of the analysis ventures in the direction of the culprit: government.
No one's forcing you to shop/work at Walmart.
The amount of crap that legislation is forcing you to do grows hourly.
Sweet, sweet Progress!

Comment Re:Hollywood airheads (Score 1) 21

Are you serious? What "conspiratorial theory" have I implied by asking the question:
given a market, and players purportedly in that market, why are the players not playing?
I've offered specific examples (Gibson), metaphor (hydrocarbons) and yet you're interested in turning the question back on me.
As it happens, I've long since determined that you're just a troll, given to compulsive mind-fracking, so it's no biggy.
I'll just laugh at you, and accept your silliness as an admission of impotence.

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