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Comment Re:MySQL workbench (Score 1) 10

And your alternative is what, XML, and that wretched XQuery nonsense?
Sure, I use Cartesian joins, like, once a year, if I'm doing some find-unmatched report, and need to inject some records.
I guess the syntax could've been more regular or something, but I think they made INSERTs and UPDATEs look radically different for the casual reader, not the experienced pro generating the SQL on the fly.

Comment ARM Royalties? (Score 2) 54

Why pay royalties to ARM when you can have an OpenRISC for free?

OK, ARM is way ahead of OpenRISC just now, but would it be justified to make an analogy between ARM and OpenRISC like Linux in its infancy compared with Windows NT 3.1?

I'm not familiar with CPU development (yet) but I've met people who have worked on commercial projects that used it instead of ARM to save on licensing costs, and although it's only suitable for low-end projects at the moment, it works well enough. With some more development, it could be very successful.

Submission + - Discrete Log Problem Breakthrough Threatens Crypto

tbonefrog writes: Cryptographic ground truth is changing fast. In February Antoine Joux produced a new record subexponential discrete logarithm algorithm running at L(1/4) speed and beating the long-standing L(1/3) mark. On June 20 a quasipolynomial algorithm was announced at the Workshop on Number-Theoretic Algorithms for Asymmetric Cryptology in France, and explained by Stephen Galbraith

Discrete logarithm and factoring are different problems but progress on one tends to lead to progress in the other. Get a paper bank statement mailed to you each month, order some paper checks, and buy stamps and envelopes for paying your bills via snail mail.

Submission + - Harlan: A language that simplifies GPU programming released ( 1

hypnosec writes: Harlan – a declarative programming language that simplifies development of applications running on GPU has been released by a researcher at Indian University. Erik Holk released his work publicly after working on it for two years. Harlan’s syntax is based on Scheme – a dialect of LISP programming language. The language aims to help developers make productive and efficient use of GPUs by enabling them to carry out their actual work while it takes care of the routine GPU programming tasks. The language has been designed to support GPU programming and it works much closer to the hardware.

Submission + - Who Will Teach U.S. Kids to Code? Rupert Murdoch.

theodp writes: For all of their handwaving at about U.S. kids not being taught Computer Science, tech execs from Microsoft, Google, and Facebook seem more focused lately on Plan B of their 'two-pronged' National Talent Strategy . So, who's going to Teach Your Children CompSci? Enter friend-of-the-Gates-Foundation Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch's Amplify Education is launching an AP Computer Science MOOC this fall (Java will be covered), taught by an experienced AP CS high school teacher. An added option, called MOOC Local, will provide additional resources to schools with students in the CS MOOC. MOOC Local will eventually cost $200 per student, but is free for the first year.

Submission + - Companies Turn to Switzerland for Cloud Storage Following NSA Spying Revelation (

DavidGilbert99 writes: The NSA spying revelations are having a huge impact on governments across the globe, as well as seeing people becoming more and more worried about their privacy. But a so-far unseen impact is happening in the background. The services which could be affected by NSA spying — such as Dropbox, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft's Azure cloud platform — are now seen as unsafe. This however is good news for one company, with Swiss-based ultra-secret hosting company Artmotion recording a 45% rise in revenue since Edward Snowden blew the whistle last month.

Comment Re:Among the modern paradoxes (Score 1) 17

Please explain how, anywhere, I have

appeal[ed] to authority in so easily rationalizing its abuse

Seriously. If anything, my position is precisely the opposite of what you say. Anyone who winds up in a position of authority (existentially unavoidable as such are) had better fear God, and humbly execute that office. One should know that, while you can scam the people here under the sun, the Judge Eternal remains unimpressed by shenanigans, and operate accordingly.
Meanwhile, I take it that you reject the point of my essay, or are you just recreationally hurling accusations?

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