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Comment Re:I recently needed to learn how to set a live tr (Score 1) 249

On July 26, 2004, the Wikipedia article for Let's Roll claimed that Todd Beamer's last words to a telephone operator were "Roll it" instead of "Let's roll." Later revisions cited the 9/11 Commission Report as a source. The report, however, does not actually transcribe any part of Beamer's phone conversation, and does not identify who said "Roll it" during the passengers' invasion of the cockpit (which presumably happened after Beamer's phone call ended). I attempted to correct it on October 27, 2005. It was immediately reverted. I reverted again with a detailed explanation and didn't bother to pursue it any further. The spurious detail was reverted back into the article and remained a part of subsequent revisions until at least January 24, 2007, still falsely citing the commission report as a source.

Comment Re:Sorry Pandora, it's been fun (Score 1) 244

Sure, they can work around the legal definition of payola. It doesn't change the fact that some people will find it just as vile as you find advertising. And as someone else mentioned, it's questionable whether record labels would be willing to pay for the service, or if it would generate sufficient revenue for Pandora.

What are your other solutions?

Comment Re:Sorry Pandora, it's been fun (Score 1) 244

You suggest that Pandora devise a more creative source of revenue as if it's a completely trivial thing to do. If it were that easy, content providers would never resort to advertising at all. They don't do it to be evil. Some advertising is unscrupulous, but there's nothing meretricious about the concept of advertising itself.

Incidentally, your Kanye West example is known in the radio industry as payola. It's a reviled practice. Pandora is against it. You might want to share one of your other hundreds of examples if you really want advertising to disappear.

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