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Submission + - ARM powered laptops to increase Linux market-share (armdevices.net)

Charbax writes: Last April, Microsoft would argue that it controlled the netbook OS market for those sold in certain specific Microsoft-friendly US retail stores, while ABI Research claims that Linux actually has 35% of the worldwide netbook market, and that its market-share is growing. At the recent Netbook World Summit in Paris France, Aaron J. Seigo, Community leader at the KDE Foundation and Arnaud Laprévote, CTO Chief Technology Officer at Mandriva Linux give us their estimation in this Youtube video for next year's Linux market-share in the consumer Laptop market. Their estimation is that Linux will dominate in ARM powered Laptops and that those may take over a significant share of the overall Laptop market by their significantly cheaper prices (as low as $80), longer battery life (as long as 20-40 hours on a small battery using the Pixel Qi screens), as well as lower size and weight. Running some of the Chromium OS builds for ARM available shortly, having a full browser experience on those cheaper and better ARM powered Linux laptops could make it a significant mass market success to shake up the Intel and Microsoft consumer PC/Laptop monopoly in its boots.

Submission + - First non-Nokia Maemo tablet device reviewed (armdevices.net)

Charbax writes: The Optima OP5-E is being video-reviewed at ARMdevices.net. It includes a 4.3" 800x480 touch screen, built-in 3G CDMA modem, Marvell PXA320 806mhz ARM processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, built-in MicroSD slot, USB-host, Speakers, video-conferencing, 3.2 Megapixel camera, removable 2600mAh battery and it installs most open-source Maemo Linux applications with minimal if any porting required. It could be sold at $299 or cheaper if subsidized by telecom carriers.

Submission + - Archos releases Dev Edition firmware for Tablets (archosfans.com) 3

Charbax writes: While Archos current "Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android" is a 4.8" WVGA Tablet hardware that runs Android 1.5 and soon 2.0 with the full Google Marketplace Experience (according to rumors), users of last year's 4.8" and 7" Archos Linux Tablets have been complaining that Archos firmware updates of its proprietary embedded Linux OS were too rare and added too little of the requested functionality. Under pressure from hackers demonstrating jailbreak methods, Archos has just now officially released the open-source Special Developer Edition firmware based on Angstrom Linux generated from a customized open embedded build for last year's Archos 5 and 7 Internet Media Tablets. If many talented developers join the community of Archos hackers to make software for this new Archos SDE firmware, Android, Angstrom Linux, Maemo Mer, Qt and Ubuntu Linux could be expected to run smoothly on it soon. Which could make it the ultimate pocket Linux Internet Tablet for Linux hackers. Installing Archos new SDE firmware permanently disables DRM playback and voids the warranty. The Archos 5/7 Internet Media Tablets are running on a 600mhz ARM Cortex A8 processor, with 60GB to 320GB of built-in hard drive storage and powerful hardware acceleration for 720p video playback and even HDMI output. The advantage of this open-source firmware working on last year's model is that the 250GB 4.8" Archos 5IMT Tablet now sells for $199 at Amazon.com and the 160GB 7" Archos 7IMT version is $209 and those are to be found even cheaper on ebay.

Submission + - Chinese Linux Tablets shown at IFA (charbax.com)

Charbax writes: "Small Chinese companies are showing interesting pocketable tablets at IFA 2009 running Android and Maemo Linux on different embedded ARM processors. Here during this first morning of IFA, I found a couple of very interesting tablets. SMIT shows a 4.8" WVGA Android tablet with built-in WiFi, GPS and USB host. Optima is showing a Maemo Linux powered tablet with a 4.3" WVGA touchscreen, integrated 3G and WiFi. During the next few days of IFA, I will be looking for more Android and Maemo Linux projects by small unknown but very innovative companies. Which should help keeping embedded Linux fans excited until the big brands like Archos, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Creative, Dell and dozens of other companies all come out with revolutionary embedded Linux smartphones and MIDs in the coming weeks and months to compete and destroy Apple's iphone OS, Nokia's Symbian and Wintel's failed X86 based UMPC/MID strategy."
Linux Business

Submission + - Archos 10 Ubuntu: an unrestricted 500GB netbook (archosfans.com) 2

Charbax writes: "For only $25 more than the suggested retail price of the Windows XP version of the Archos 10 netbook, Archos has just released the Archos 10 Ubuntu edition with 500GB hard drive instead of 160GB and 2GB RAM instread of 1GB and a 6-cell battery. The feature restrictions that Microsoft are enforcing on netbooks for the licencing of Windows XP are hereby being avoided by Archos by shipping the netbook with Ubuntu 9.04 pre-installed. Archos can thus provide more than 3x more storage and 2x more RAM memory for only about $25 extra on the MSRP. For now, this Archos 10 Ubuntu edition netbook is only released in France, but if there is enough demand, Archos should quickly proceed to make it available worldwide. Archos also recently released the Archos 10S netbook design (with Magnesium casing is only 22mm thick and weighs just 1kg), which may be a more perfect design for an unrestricted 500GB Ubuntu netbook. So let's all Linux fans demand that Archos make it available worldwide immediately and at a good price!"

Submission + - ARM powered Linux laptops unveiled at Computex (friendfeed.com)

Charbax writes: "At Computex in Taipei on 2-6th June, several companies unveiled ARM powered laptops that are cheaper ($99 to $199), last much longer on a regular 3 cell battery (8-15 hours) and that still can add new cool features such as a built-in HDMI 720p or 1080p output, 3D acceleration, connected standby and more. The ARM Linux laptops shown as working prototypes at Computex will run Ubuntu 9.10 (optimized for ARM), Google Android, Xandros OS for ARM or some Red Flag Linux type of OS. Here in this video, the Director of Mobile Computing at ARM is giving us all the latest details on the status for the support of full Flash (with all actionscripts), the optimizations of the web browser (accelerating rendering/scrolling using the GPU/DSP), the stuff that Google is working on to adapt Android 2.0 Donut release for Laptop screens and interfaces and more. At Computex I also filmed an Interview with the Nvidia team working on Tegra laptops, the Qualcomm people working on Snapdragon devices and the Freescale people doing their awesomely thin ARM laptops in cooperation with manufacturers such as Pegatron as well."

Submission + - HD-videoconferencing available now for below $100 (techvideoblog.com)

Charbax writes: "Forget about Sony's Ipela system for HD videoconferencing costing $12000, forget about Cisco's $33900 Telespresence or Lifesize's $5999 Express HD video conferencing solutions which more and more corporations around the world are installing in their specially designated conference rooms to save on air fares and to reorganize the way they do business conferencing.

The FVexpress HD video-conferencing solution presented at CeBIT 2009 by Taiwanese company Facevsion is the worlds cheapest HD videoconferencing solution using a PCI Express card adapter with a 1-2mbit/s real-time 1280x720 H264 video encoder and decoder processor inside. Thus in combination with any cheap Laptop or Netbook with a PCI Express card slot, with any of the new HD-capable USB Webcams, you can thus launch HD resolution video-conferencing solutions which may look nearly just as awesome as any of the multi-thousand dollar professional solutions that have been on the market for the past few years.

Look forward to installing this at your grandparents house on their HDTV, this way you can meet them in your living room without actually having to travel to meet them. Using any affordable HDTV, and using the 1-2mbit/s upload connections that more and more standard ADSL/Cable Internet connections can support, HD video-conferencing is the second best thing to actually meeting people for real. It's actually pretty awesome!"


Submission + - CeBIT Video Coverage

Charbax writes: "I'm doing video coverage from CeBIT for the 4th year in a row available at here as youtube embeds and as DivX in High Definition streaming and downloads. Check out the MSI PE201, a High Definition H264/Mpeg4/Mpeg2/WMV player with ethernet, 160GB HDD, DVD burner, runs Linux on a Toshiba TX4939 CPU and is available for 270$ only through ISPs. Also check out the Digital Cube G43, the worlds smallest UMPC, could also work great for Linux. And the Yahsin Projector and pen concept, it could be the most compact large screen computer interface using a laser projector, a retractable mirror and a special pen. I've also posted videos of the NEC Virtual Multimedia PC, the IBM Cell Processor and more than 40 other HD videos."

Submission + - Linux related videos from CES

Charbax writes: "Here are some of the Linux related videos from CES 2007: The 100$ Laptop OLPC is running Pepper OS, a demonstration of the OLPC displays visibility outdoors and OLPC Chief Connectivity Officer Michail Bletsas talking about the Mesh networking, OLPC C-sound music synthesiser demo, OLPC talk with Marvell representative about possible upcoming 802.11N and WiMax versions of the 100$ Laptop. Also a nice Geode-based Fedora-Linux tablet demo of the PepperPad 3. Finally a Nokia N800 interview with the product manager. You can post more links to Linux related videos from CES 2007 in the comments.."

Submission + - CES video coverage in HD

Charbax writes: "You didn't get to go to CES in Las Vegas this time? Then you can watch hours of coverage in HD. All the coolest gadgets are there. Including 4 extensive videos of the OLPC, demonstrated running the Pepper Linux OS implementation of Fedora Core (this is not the Sugar interface), interviews, UMPCs, Cowon's Wi-Fi connected PMP, vaccum-cleaning and mopping Robots and more."

Submission + - Videos from IFA 2006

Charbax writes: "The biggest worldwide yearly consumer electronics show is closing today in Berlin. You can watch hours of video-coverage in 720p DivX HD at http://ifa2006.net/ an unofficial video-blog by the guy who previously was slashdotted for his headmounted coverage of CeBIT 2005. There are videos of the newly launched 1080p displays (Full HD replacing HD ready), portable multimedia players with Wifi, IPTV boxes that support h264 in HD and the Blueray and HDDVD stuff. Booth babes are also featured."

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