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Submission + - CeBIT Video Coverage

Charbax writes: "I'm doing video coverage from CeBIT for the 4th year in a row available at here as youtube embeds and as DivX in High Definition streaming and downloads. Check out the MSI PE201, a High Definition H264/Mpeg4/Mpeg2/WMV player with ethernet, 160GB HDD, DVD burner, runs Linux on a Toshiba TX4939 CPU and is available for 270$ only through ISPs. Also check out the Digital Cube G43, the worlds smallest UMPC, could also work great for Linux. And the Yahsin Projector and pen concept, it could be the most compact large screen computer interface using a laser projector, a retractable mirror and a special pen. I've also posted videos of the NEC Virtual Multimedia PC, the IBM Cell Processor and more than 40 other HD videos."

Submission + - Linux related videos from CES

Charbax writes: "Here are some of the Linux related videos from CES 2007: The 100$ Laptop OLPC is running Pepper OS, a demonstration of the OLPC displays visibility outdoors and OLPC Chief Connectivity Officer Michail Bletsas talking about the Mesh networking, OLPC C-sound music synthesiser demo, OLPC talk with Marvell representative about possible upcoming 802.11N and WiMax versions of the 100$ Laptop. Also a nice Geode-based Fedora-Linux tablet demo of the PepperPad 3. Finally a Nokia N800 interview with the product manager. You can post more links to Linux related videos from CES 2007 in the comments.."

Submission + - CES video coverage in HD

Charbax writes: "You didn't get to go to CES in Las Vegas this time? Then you can watch hours of coverage in HD. All the coolest gadgets are there. Including 4 extensive videos of the OLPC, demonstrated running the Pepper Linux OS implementation of Fedora Core (this is not the Sugar interface), interviews, UMPCs, Cowon's Wi-Fi connected PMP, vaccum-cleaning and mopping Robots and more."

Submission + - Videos from IFA 2006

Charbax writes: "The biggest worldwide yearly consumer electronics show is closing today in Berlin. You can watch hours of video-coverage in 720p DivX HD at an unofficial video-blog by the guy who previously was slashdotted for his headmounted coverage of CeBIT 2005. There are videos of the newly launched 1080p displays (Full HD replacing HD ready), portable multimedia players with Wifi, IPTV boxes that support h264 in HD and the Blueray and HDDVD stuff. Booth babes are also featured."

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