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Comment Pot calling kettle (Score 2) 369

Very much "pot calling kettle"... USA and Russia are both famously historically "guilty" of this, as well as accusing each other of this.

however, all of the signs of psychological projection, in the more precise dialect.

*aside* even considering that, it's still safer to do business in the USA, for the most part. At least the illegal detentions, seizures, etc actually are well enough documented that folks who are at risk can usually avoid entering. Russia's still not very much into the concept of "free speech".

Comment Internet access is a basic right (Score 1) 105

In Canada, internet access is a "basic right" (what this means is kind of complicated, but basically everyone needs to be able to access internet, legally ... at least unless they are incarcerated already).

So under our law, this allowance for access is easily within reading such rights.

Not a lawyer, but worked for Canadian ISPs since the '90s.

Comment For justice to work, it has to work. (Score 1) 550

As much as the Vancouver area, and British Columbia in general are beautiful places, with many wonderful people - justice here isn't entirely working. Whether it's our somewhat US leaning government on the other side of the continent messing with the codes, or that BC economically crashed at the end of the 80s thanks to US interference ... things basically aren't perfect.
If you keep cutting police and keep increasing their load, coincident with cutting education and increasing their load too - no one has any time left anymore unless there's overwhelming evidence. ... and thanks to Anonymous, there's now sufficient evidence for the authorities to investigate.

I've known people who've been harassed the same ways, and justice was not found. ... and people continue to bully, harass and even sexually assault the same kinds of ways.
and we all let it happen, or even do it ourselves.
I hope they've got the guy who started it.
They're not going to touch the hundreds of people at her schools that bullied because of it - probably.
maybe they'll make it easier to find and rescue victims before it's too late. And some justice beats none.

Comment fat clients work well in some worlds (Score 1) 277

games: world of warcraft and all the myriad clients based on the Unity3D engine do count as "fat clients"

trick is : a fat client needs to provide something a thin client can't. On mobile this would mean handling disconnects and offline well (which thin clients aren't particularly good at) - or services not yet available (like fast 3D rendering).

Java is still somewhat competitive because it can deliver capabilities not present in thin.
Flash is not competitive anymore - it offers little not present in html5 and is closed from some markets.

This is one of those things that run in circles. One interesting historical example: X11 terminals being replaced with X11 desktops, and then the X11 desktops working thin clients once more.

Comment DNS exists to get around a problem (Score 4, Interesting) 265

That is : the problem of finding a device (say: server, virtual server, coffee maker, whatever) without having to enter an arbitrary number of digits.
DNS is essentially context-free and centralized.

I would make an OS a lot less dependent on DNS actually functioning, require such a service to be secure (but oh, how to manage the keys?) and make it easier to plug in local address books of references, and easier to transfer such between computers. (perhaps something like zeroconf)

The counter trick is how to keep this from being hijacked to any great degree. Minimize harm.

Comment Relatives (Score 1) 36

I'm sure to have relatives amongst that lot - and given how much of my life has been affected by stuff my ancestors did, I'm pretty confident that this will help.

And I have an archive of photos.

Many of our ancestors did amazing things. Sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrible - but definitely amazing.

Comment Back to debian! (Score 1) 543

Time to ditch ubuntu once and for all.
It doesn't deliver a usable system, not for a programmer like me. I want to manage a bunch of discrete workflows, some of which may involve opening and working with hundreds of files (eg: linux kernel). I don't want or need consumer crap that prevents me from doing exactly this. Same reason I don't do macosx, windows or tablets.

Have fun guys, I'm no longer on that team.

Comment Re:Welcome to our world (Score 1) 1205

Canada's been above that for a while too - and we're a producer (??).
But not as high as the UK.

In our case, I think it's because almost all of our gas production is US-owned and we sell it down there. And they raise our prices to subsidize US being cheap. (or just because they can)
But that's me being suspicious...

Comment As long as it isn't the travesty that is 'unity' (Score 5, Insightful) 647

I wait with baited breath for a hopefully usable system, unlike the current gnome shell, and most especially unlike unity. I want applications that remember their states and can be saved and restored (gconsole, I'm looking at you in particular) and otherwise the ability to organize my working day properly on desktop and laptop.
Support tablet all you want, but don't remove support for desktop and laptop - like unity did.

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