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Comment Terrible like facebook. Also, fail to work. (Score 1) 1040

Unity (for instance) crashes my ION2 chipset based netbook hard.
and even if I can get it to work, it takes up so much real estate without going away (both screen + control) that the computer itself becomes unusable.

They've all - in the pursuit of being nice to some border edge of computers - managed to produce an interface far worse than anything produced before. Who are they getting for UI design - facebook?

(facebook easily has the worst user interface of any website I've ever worked with - and it gets continuously worse every revision)

Comment There is some extreme suckiness though (Score 1) 237

gnome3 (or unity) both crash ION2 graphics chipsets (yay for dual-videocard displays!). KDE does not.
this will probably mean it will start working on ION2 graphics chipsets (Intel + nVidia is what I have. Intel for low power, nVidia for 3D/gaming/...)

it means I'll finally be able to start testing things out rather than walk away in frustration ... again.

Comment Old news (Score 1) 363

It's been active in trade routes in Churchill Manitoba through to Russia (direct) for a couple of years now from what I've heard.

And yes, "global warming"/"climate change" is why it's basically permanently open now. Old news. *wry grin*

Comment The cost of a byte - or was that the value? (Score 2) 594

hmm. marker character, or a length.

Marker: same type as string, so no need to worry about bit size, start/stop bits or other extraneous. String can be any size and only restricted by available memory. (given the ability to swap darn near unlimited pages in current hardware.... and the ability to virtualize across computers... this means strings have a potentially <i>infinite</i> limit)

Length: What's the size? What byte order? What bit size? How will this affect communications between platforms?

IMO, C and the null terminated string -saved- more than it cost. It's entirely (theoretically anyway) possible - given the kind of code I've seen in browsers and server code -that the web couldn't have existed without some of these assumptions. The "streaming" so core to unix depends on this... how else does one know when one hits the end of a file or a buffer?

When you mark cost, know what you pay. Not all costs are negative.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 397

accurate, but they weren't at the riot.
Apparently the profile of the typical rioter is : wealthy youth, easy life. "spoiled rich kids".
There may be exceptions to this profile but I haven't heard of it.

At least 17000 local folks (including many of my friends, and many who DO fit that profile) showed up to help clean up, and put apologetic and welcome messages out. I would have too, but I started my first day of work after a year of unemployment. I got to see the cleanup though - my new job is a block from where the riot took place.
There's also been amazing support - see above - re: people helping -catch- the rioters, as well as help out hurt people and businesses.
It's quite amazing, really, that part.

Comment old news... the US's behaviour (Score 1) 90

They've got a history of calling this kind of game around other countries, and turn around and doing it themselves.
Probably 100% of NAFTA legal claims -from- the USA could be considered as examples. Most particularly around softwood (the US doesn't have the infrastructure - or the timber anymore, so they sued my homeland) and tomatoes (a 10-year-old southern US failure against a 100+ year old British Columbian success)

I'll just assume it's more US protectionism. It usually is.

Comment Eve Online ... BAD idea (Score 2) 352

That's got the largest group of wankers on who could attack back.
Very bad target. Don't do it. Leave the EVE universe alone to the whackos who know and love it, so their world won't bleed into ours.

or in other words, I'll be waiting to see what fallout hits the news. This could be interesting....

Comment As a long unemployed programmer (Score 1) 948

I reject this. I've been working extensive hours job hunting for several years now, with multiple non-programming-related jobs to keep me alive. I'm not a front-end designer - so what code I have done is either part of a system that can't be released, part of my own projects that are missing the final presentation cleanups (because I'm not sure how they should look) - or out and out gone, as several projects I worked on have been entirely wiped - sometimes after a year or more of production use - simply due to the company "moving on".
Hand me a design and I'll make it work.
Hand me a component and some interface guidelines, and I'll make it work within that.

I honestly don't know where to apply myself in open source - 90+% of the projects need a better front-end, and that's not what I can do.

Comment summary is wrong (Score 1) 673

the one essential item "threat level raised to 7" (implying long term clean up) - is true. The rest ... doesn't entirely add up (reliable references please!)
I'm not entirely sure how they're supposed to connect. - my primary source. Please check here or another reliable reference
Authoritative reference :

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