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Submission + - DOJ 411: UEFI DMCA Violators DOA. GPS. 10-4?

mtrachtenberg writes: M E M O R A N D U M
Sponsored by Office 365,
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and best friend. Office!

United States Department of Justice

Division for Intellectual Property Rights
and Maintenance of the Faith

Office for the Preservation of Microsoft

As per prior memoranda from this office, all points are alerted that uncooperative elements are still attempting to authorize non-Microsoft software (Linux, BSD, Z80 assembler) to run on US and Microsoft approved computing equipment.

It has been clearly established that Microsoft's financial survival is of code mauve importance to the American economy, at an equal level to that of Goldman Sachs and Citicorp. Therefore, this office is implementing Code Swartz immediately.

Drones shall lock and load on the GPS coordinates of abusers, and shall fire at will. Open source computing is like fluoridation — an assault on American values and freedom.

(P.S.: Nothing in this memorandum is to be construed as authorizing any activity illegal under the Constitution as interpreted by the Roberts court. If uncertain, contact the authorities at Guantanamo Bay.)

Comment Aren't you lucky! (Score 1) 433

"what really concerns me is the ability to find another job in the field without 95% of companies discarding me for lack of formal education"

You are 26 and working for a company with 50K employees, some of whom are both in high positions and enlightened enough to have recognized your intelligence without needing to see a "credential." Any company like that ought to have many subdivisions to choose from, so you have your own little constellation of possible new employers, all within this company.

And, should you really decide you want to look elsewhere, you have a zero-effort technique to screen out the 19 out of 20 companies that you say are not as enlightened as the one you already work for. Big win, because wouldn't you be miserable moving to one of the 19 out of 20 stupid ones?

Comment You are all breaking the law. (Score 1, Funny) 268

Attention Slashdot,

On behalf of the DoJ (*) and the FBI (**), I must inform you that your link to instructions on changing an XML file are in violation of any number of laws, judicial opinions, and fantasies of various American politicians. Cease! Desist! Guantanamo remains open.

(*) Dumb oily jerks
(**) Folks bu****it inspired (***)
(***) Yeah, you can do better.

Submission + - Lithium ion battery prices to drop? (

mtrachtenberg writes: "A California company working with Argonne National Labs is talking about a new anode for lithium ion batteries; it claims a 300%+ increase in energy density and is talking about volume manufacturing by 2014.

The company, California Lithium Battery, is talking about a potential 70% price drop in the cost of EV battery packs. If this happens, EVs suddenly begin to make sense."

Comment Re:It's just absentee voting (Score 1) 189

New Jersey's email voters can be confident of as secret a vote as voters already get in Colorado, because only election officials will know who they are. (Look it up, folks, and cry:

And, of course, they'll have as much reason to be confident their votes were counted as residents of any state that uses slot machine (er, electronic) voting.

It doesn't really matter, anyway. When you want to buy an election, the Supreme Court has provided the way.

Comment Re:Why improve when we haven't addressed fraud? (Score 1) 221

Absolutely. I think your language is perfect, because simple and straightforward.

You should be aware that many people who claim to be election integrity advocates actually oppose allowing citizens to inspect ballots or images of ballots (on the grounds that special squiggling could be used to sell votes). They also actually oppose allowing citizens to inspect "cast vote records" of the ballots (on the grounds that a voter could encode their identity by the pattern of filling out unimportant races, to show how they voted for an important race.) This is all despite the fact that the increasing use of vote-by-mail allows anyone to sell their ballot to anyone else anyway.

The efforts of these so-called election integrity advocates slow the truly important work of ensuring that people can see for themselves the ballots that supposedly show who won the election. It's a national disgrace, on the same level of significance as the disgrace of allowing paperless voting at all.

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