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Comment Who was the target audience? (Score 1) 629

> Its primary target was the little kids

As the review points out rather humorously, films targeted to children give dialogs on tariffs less screen time! Lucas' target audience was fanbois. From a financial perspective, he was successful. Money and feeding his ego are his only motivation. Lucas gives lip service to artistic vision, but he is not credible when making such claims.

Comment Re:Isn't this goingg a bit far? (Score 2, Insightful) 197

Do you are understand that web accessibility is really not hard?

I mean, the web and computers are inherently 'visual' mediums.

Incorrect. The web is an information medium. As far as the computer goes, the display and keyboard are really kind of arbitrary, the compelling action takes place between those two!

I mean, I feel for the handicapped, and appreciate making things as accessible as possible, but, isn't it going a bit far on things that just are naturally aimed for normal people?

So, do you think it is a good practice for the Federal government to build (or pay for) things that create obstacles to citizens with disabilities? Or for the Feds to build/pay for applications that provide an obstacle to their current (and future) employees with disabilities?

I'm thinking geez... what a crock. NONE of the people needing training were handicapped... yet the rules still applied...

Some random observations:

  1. Accomdations are still easier to provide in-person than remotely.
  2. Odds are that with remote training, there would have been more participants, and likely some with disabilites.
  3. The remote conferencing systems are way behind the ball on 508, and will never get their act together if they are not pressured by potential Federal customers to do so.

Comment Mod parent down (Score 1) 552

Why should it necessarily be that more efficient == less expensive, especially in the short term? Fossil fuels means taking advance of a resource that has taken literally millions of years to accumulate.

I think renewable implies efficient, at least enough for you to let the grandparent comment slide.

Comment Re:The validity of this manuscript ... (Score 1) 568

I'm convinced that you cannot have a good knowledge of the history of the textual transmission of the Bible and be a Protestant.

There are many liberal progressive protestants, whole demnominations really. I'm convinced that you cannot have a good knowledge of the history of the textual transmission of the Bible and be a fundamentalist.

Comment Re:They should follow the Screenless MP3 Player. (Score 1) 85

I wish I could remember the name of this device, but it was essentially a MP3 player with no screen; just directional buttons and voice-based navigation. It was manufactured for blind users, and it worked wonderfully. It could even read text files and accept CF cards for expansion!

I have never heard of any MP3 player that works from voice commands, so I would like to hear more about that! Or do you mean synthesized speech based navigation? If so, you may have been thinking of RockBox. Which is FOSS that runs on a variety of hardware.

I think that a cell phone with just buttons on it and braille lettering would suffice, provided that the voice navigation is really good. An added advantage is that having no screen can make for very thin and attractive devices, if aesthetics is something of a priority for them.

I think this could also be a good opportunity to market to tech-phobic grandma types that want a cell phone that is only a phone. ("Why does a phone need a screen anyway?") The only cell phone I have encountered without a screen (Owasys 22C) was not as thin as I thought it could/should be. This was a couple of years ago though. Aesthetics can be more than visual. I know a couple of blind folks that were sold on Macs because they took the time to hold a Mini in their hands.

United States

Submission + - Update on NFB v. Target (w3.org)

beetle496 writes: "This is TFA for now:

This email is to update the list regarding the NFB v. Target web accessibility litigation.

Today the judge in the matter has issued her opinion regarding the motion to certify a class action. The motion has been granted and now moves forward as a class action on behalf of persons who are blind in California and in the United States who have attempted to access the Target.com website and as a result have been denied access to the enjoyment of goods and services offered in Target stores.

ICDRI will post the opinion once permission has been granted for us to post it.

Best regards,
Cynthia Waddell

Background is available.

Let the flaming begin about how your freedom of expression trumps my civil rights.

The writing is on the wall: Learn to write valid code or get different work."

Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun Microsystems quits GSA multiple award contract (govexec.com)

beetle496 writes: "From TFA:

Sun Microsystems Inc. announced Friday that it is canceling its multiple award schedule contract with the General Services Administration amid an ongoing investigation into the contract’s renewal and the company’s pricing for information technology products and services.
The article hints at scandal, but I am betting that the problem is more likely incompetence and prejudicial Windows-centric contract vehicles that make it all but impossible for Sun to compete. How hard is it to believe that Lurita Doan could be one of the rare bureaucrats that understands technology (more so than Brian Miller and the three underlings she vetoed)?"


Submission + - Portable CD players put hospital patients at risk

coondoggie writes: "According to a new study released today you should be more worried about your portable CD player than cell phones in a hospital situation. And outside of that, those store theft alert systems aren't too good for your health either if you have heart problems. In a letter to the editor published in the journal details the first known case of a portable CD player causing an abnormal electrocardiographic (ECG) recording within a hospital setting. The recording returned to normal when the CD player, which the patient was holding close to the ECG lead, was turned off. So while most hospitals ban cell phone use, few restrict CD players. But they have it backwards apparently as calls made on cell phones have no negative impact on hospital medical devices, dispelling the long-held notion that they are unsafe to use in health care facilities, according to Mayo Clinic researchers. http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/1226 9"

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