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Comment Pen and Paper? (Score 1) 182

Computation is essentially the same process. A computation uses the evolution of a physical system to model an abstract theory.
But this only works when the link between the real and abstract worlds is clear and well understood.

Yet strangely I can work computations using pen and paper using only the evolution of the poorly understood system consisting of my brain, arm, hand and eyes.

Comment Re:Megalomanic (Score 2) 290

In what way did he not "pull it off"? He never said he was going to do it alone. Right in the post he asks for lots of help. His goal was to have a free operating system and that's what he got.

If you mean that he didn't pull it off in precisely the order he announced he would, I guess that would be correct.

Comment Not IV Pumps (Score 1) 130

But perhaps they want to regulate devices such as this:


From the article:

For example, doctors in remote regions could use the technique to measure HIV viral loads in patients' blood samples, allowing the doctors to easily monitor disease progression and determine the best course of treatment."

Comment Doesn't support the technology? (Score 1) 148

The ability to sense and avoid — common on all manned aircraft that fly the national airspace — is one of the trickier issues for drones which do not support such technology.

It's common all manned aircraft? But you can't stick the same thing in a drone? Why not, exactly?

Comment Re:Open? (Score 1) 214

Here's an example: The Pi has a video connector that cannot be used because it is not possible to write a driver to talk to it. Presumably the Pi Foundation will release a video display to connect to it, but the community will not be able to do so.

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