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Comment Re:and then they broke it even worse (Score 2) 800

Oh! The Dog! Don't get me started on the Dog!

I don't know why, but I have rarely felt more frustration than the hundreds of times I have told search to "turn off animation" for clients and then be forced to wait through an animation of the animation being turned off. It's like Microsoft just HAS to get the last word in. You don't like our animation? Well here's a little more of what you JUST TOLD US YOU DON'T LIKE! What're you going to do about it?

Comment Re:TRS 80 Model I (Score 1) 623

I was lucky. I was able to afford the Model I Level II with 16K of RAM using my baby-sitting money!

And Radio Shack had more than just the BASIC programming manual. They also had a Technical Reference manual that explained the full theory of operation including the timing, the generation of the video signal, the reading of the character data out of ROM...Everything!

I learned enough about digital electronics from that single manual to design my own programmable EPROM board that allowed me to rewrite the character font table.

It also helped me repair the unit after a mouse crawled inside and urinated all over the main board dissolving a number of traces.

The ATARI 800 I purchased a few years later had great documentation, too. The entire kernel was explained. MAN! What happened? Nothing comes with documentation any more!

Comment Re:"can be wrong, profoundly wrong" (Score 2) 326

All but about a dozen?

How the hell would you measure that? The most extreme testing stuff I've ever heard of can't get you anywhere near that much information. If you could get definite information that you were at the 1-in-1,000,000 level, that'd get you into the top seven thousand and change. And the thing is, we can't get accurate measurements even that far out.

Once you're to "the test can't produce meaningful results anymore", you're done. You might be way smarter than other people with that trait, you might be on the stupid end of the pool, we don't know, we can't tell, we have no way to measure it.

We don't know. He does. He's a genius.

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