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Comment Re:It's not terrible (Score 5, Insightful) 675

The windows button finally has purpose. You can hit that button, start typing an app name and then space/enter to launch

So... It's just like DOS except you have to hit the windows key before you type the name of the program you want to launch.

The more things change, the more they stay the same...

Comment Re:He admits he's not using a tablet!!! (Score 1) 740

In answer to your questions, no. It only searches the name of the icon of the app or application in the most brain-dead way.

I have found nothing similar to windows 7's or gnome 3's "search it all" functionality, but maybe it is hiding somewhere. I'm done writing my résumé now, so I don't expect to be using windows 8 again until my résumé needs updating.

Comment Re:The guys is wrong (Score 1) 740

I thought that at first too. In fact, I had to google how to turn off!

But then I thought, "The computer is currently in the 'on' state and now I'm setting it to the 'off' state. I guess it is a setting."

But then I thought, "How come I can't turn it back on using 'settings'. I'm turning it from the 'off' state to the 'on' state. That should be a setting, too!"
So here's a question: How to I turn off the mail app? And how do I arrange things so I can see an email and an associated document at the same time?
Why does the desktop feel like it's just an "app" on the same level as "mail" and "calendar".
Why call it "Windows" if none of the new, modern apps are going to allow Windowing?

And then I realized that now that I'm done writing my resumé so I can put away my Windows 8 netbook until my resumé needs updating and go back to fighting with gnome 3!

Comment Re:That is cheap (Score 0) 299

Mr. Cuban is quoted as saying:

"Remember most brands don't have social media departments. They rely on common sense. If someone likes your brand, it seems like common sense to me that you can expect your posts to reach 100% of those that like your brand. Doesn't it to you?"

I guess if I had spent money on Facebook advertising to get likes only to discover that I can't market to those people without spending even more money, I would feel a bit ripped off. Why did I spend the upfront money getting the likes again?

Comment Re:I'd love a FPS with relativistic effects. (Score 1) 113

That's not how relativity works. Everyone else's clock appears to be slow to you while your clock appears slow to everyone else's.

Actually, it's more complicated than that, because your clock appears to run fast to an observer watching you approach and then extra slow as you pass and retreat from the observer. It's not clear to me whether the "signal delay" due to the finite speed of light is taken into account in the simulation because their appears to be no animation on anything in the arena. They should have made the "orbs" clocks so you could see the time dilation effect.

Comment ONLY outcome?? (Score 1) 795

can only lead to lower wages, lower employment, and a lower standard of living.

I don't know how he can say that lower wages, etc are the ONLY possible outcome. It might be the PROBABLE outcome, but is it not possible that one or more of those H1Bs goes on to start one or more new companies in the US or contribute meaninfully to the start of one or more new companies thus creating lots and lots of jobs and more than making up for the ones taken by H1Bs?

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 403

XP search was sweet.

Except for that damn animated dog! And when you told the dumb thing you didn't want the animation, there was an animation showing the dog walking off! I just told you I didn't want that!

Comment Re:Lame, poorly timed speculation (Score 1) 317

Microsoft has a knack for getting it wrong several times before finally coming up with something that works.

Yeah, but they have been trying to make a name for themselves in the mobile market since the 1990s when their only competition was Palm! Even if they do manage to get it right some day, what are the chances that it happens in time to save Nokia?

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