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Comment Re:"Find new niches" (Score 4, Interesting) 432

I keep reading this, that Gnome 3 is for tablet computers. Where does this come from? I'll tell you where it doesn't come from: people using it on tablet computers! I tried to use it on a tablet computer. It does not work. If you ever used it on a tablet computer you would discover in the first two minute, as I have, that Gnome 3 IS UNUSEABLE ON A TABLET COMPUTER!

Gnome 2? Works fine. KDE? No problem, LXDE? Works great. Gnome 3? YOU HIT THE WALL IN TWO MINUTES! TWO MINUTES!

I actually like Gnome 3. I want to use it. I use it on my desktop and my laptop. But the Gnome developers won't fix bugs even when they are complete show-stoppers. Hey Gnome team! How about making a password dialog box that, I don't know, maybe actually allows a guy to bring up an onboard keyboard instead of taking over the desktop?

Comment Re:Cancer (Score 1) 80

That's essentially what cancer is, a genetic mutation in a cell that evolves it into an undying, eternally reproducing organism that parasitically gets its nutrients from its host organism/ancestor.

Cancer is caused by a small number of mutations and does not behave in a way that is healthy to the entire organism. These cottonwood trees, on the other hand have "variation within a tree... as great as the variation across unrelated trees" all within a healthy organism.

Comment This Practice is Already Illegal Under Federal Law (Score 1) 147

This practice is, arguably, already illegal under the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

It all depends on whether your employer would be considered "authorized" to access the computer just because you coughed up your credentials.

If giving your credentials to other people is against the TOS of the site, one might argue that your employer is not authorized and, furthermore, that you might be guilty of "Knowingly and with the intent to defraud, trafficking in a password or similar information through which a computer may be accessed without authorization."

Submission + - Popular Video Site Hulu Appears To Have Been Hacked (

pscottdv writes: "It would appear that the popular video site, Hulu has been hacked. Many of the links on the site have been modified to point to the domain of the Pirate Party of the Netherlands, For example, the link from the "Most Popular Shows" page to the page for "The Outer Limits" was presented as:"

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