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Comment Re:I wonder if New Zealand can do other tricks too (Score 5, Informative) 175

That's the dirty little secret about federal charges in the U.S. Federal court rules don't require the prosecution to hand over their evidence until the trial unlike state courts where the accused has a chance to see the evidence against him- or herself and prepare a defence. And the minimum penalties are always enormous.

That's why federal charges are so highly feared in the U.S. and it's why almost all federal cases are pleaded out.


The article is about a different issue, but it describes the problem.

Comment I am a chemistry student's father (Score 1) 372

And I agree with you 100%. My daughter has to pay an extra $40 a semester for an account where her chemistry prof posts her assignments on-line once per week. He could open a blog account for free and post them there or just hand them out on a piece of paper like every other professor does, but no, every student has to pay $40 a semester for access to a "educational resource system" just to see their weekly assignment.

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