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Comment Re:Could we hear some Germans tell this story? (Score 1) 473

(Anglo-German family in central Germany.) I am not sure they *have* to buy a proportion, but the do buy all the electricity we can produce from our community solar project on the apartment building roof, and they pay over the odds for it (it is better for us to sell to the grid and buy it "back" through a green tariff then to wire it directly into our homes !)

Comment Re:Around here (Score 1) 392

> slamming a jet fighter into a large concrete block at 481 miles per hour (775 km/h)

The post I replied to specified a 747
- F4 30,000 kg empty, 747 > 162,400 kg empty, 300,000+ max
- the F4 test had water in the fuel tanks
- F4 impact speed 775 kmh, 747 mac speed 998 kmh (probably not worse case: fully loaded, descending, thrusts on).

So a fraction of the weight, no fuel, low speed: not very reassuring :-(

Comment Re:Captain Obvious (Score 1) 341

> Electric vehicles for everyone powered by nuclear power are a complete zero emission system,

Only for a very limited definition of "zero emission".

(With a 5 digit Slashdot ID I am sure you know that the building and dismantling of huge numbers of cars, and some nuclear power stations create huge amounts of pollution. Then there is uranium mining, waste disposal...)

Comment Re:Not safe (Score 1) 301

> It's not safe for the simple reason that the automatic cars will drive the speed limit, and cause accidents because everybody else is going 20 over.

Is this really true, or is it just an Urban Myth invented to justify breaking the law and endangering other road users lives ?
Citation ?

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