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Comment Re:Its a very convenient gas (Score 1) 104

Happen to agree with the original post. NASA funding will be cut 21% due to the sequester. His opinions is not a troll and while neat for an 'oh gee' bit off science.....This is not that big a deal For the guy that attacked him (ThePieces), just because you think there is plenty of $ to around does not mean there are........ you need to learn critical thinking and just why the mission wants the attention......

-1 troll disgraceful.


Astronomers Probe Mysterious Gas In Titan's Atmosphere 104

sciencehabit writes "A fluorescent glow high in the atmosphere of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, signifies the presence of a gas that astronomers have yet to identify. The glow appears only on the daytime side of the moon at altitudes between 600 and 1250 kilometers, with the largest intensity occurring at an altitude of about 950 km. Detailed analyses reveal that the glow doesn't stem from a problem with the Saturn-orbiting Cassini craft, and it isn't associated with methane or any of the other hydrocarbons already identified as constituents of Titan's atmosphere."

Comment Obligatory Post. (Score 1, Interesting) 915

For Catholics this is big deal.. So congrats to them. I'm only really commenting because of an accidental moderation up there ^. Anyway, in world that increasingly tries to tear things down, at least the Catholics know where he stands on some issues. Nothing will change, and they'll stand by their beliefs and that's okay because it's a free world..... So with that... See ya.

Comment Re:Europa was discovered in 1610 by Galileo... (Score 2) 164

Right, well the Planetary Society has proposed the JEO, Jupiter Europa Orbiter. That would be a great start to actually close enough to really see what's going on. Then we don't need or even have to land a super heavy rover on Europa. If we took data from the JEO and were smart about it, we could land a few very small probes to sample the surface of the ice where the upwellings occur.

We have the capability to go there today, if we really wanted to. I guess it's just not politically expedient to go there, since Mars captures the interest of the population so well..... and that's a disappointing, because Europa or one of it's sister moons has water today.

I hope I live long enough to see a landing.

Comment Re:Whatever.... (Score 4, Informative) 815

Classy. This machine is working perfectly under Linux. I'm sitting 12 feet (3.5 meters) away from the *two* 50 inch TV's its running out to. Sound is perfect and it's been up for five months....... So yeah.. I like Linux. I like it a lot, and rarely have to fix *anything*. In fact my wifes I-Maxi_pad requires more attention than this machine.

i'm sticking with *nix. THANKSKBYE.


Submission + - Europa Discovery Increases Odds of Life On Jovian Moon. (dailygalaxy.com)

tetrahedrassface writes: "Observations of spectral emissions from the surface of Europa using state of the art ground based telescopes here on Earth have lent data that indicate the surface of the Jovian moon is not merely ice that is not dynamically linked with the vast ocean below. The observations carried out by Caltech's Mike Brown, and JPL's Kevin Hand show that water is making it from the ocean below all the way up to the surface of the moon. In their study they noticed a dip in the emission bands around lower latitudes of the moon, and quickly honed in on what they were seeing. The mineral of interest is epsomite, a magnesium sulfate compound that can only come from the ocean below. From the article: 'Magnesium should not be on the surface of Europa unless it's coming from the ocean," Brown says. "So that means ocean water gets onto the surface, and stuff on the surface presumably gets into the ocean water.

Not only does this mean the ocean and surface are dynamically interacting but it also means that there may be more energy in the ocean than previously thought. Another finding is that the ocean below the icy surface of Europa is basically very similar to an ocean on Earth, giving the neglected and premier solar body for life past Earth another compelling reason for being explored."

Comment Not good enough... (Score -1, Troll) 582

The USPS sucks. To say this Congresses fault for making them *gasp* fund the posh retirement funds is laughable. If their retirement funds are that difficult to fund, perhaps they need take on the unions that saddled them with these packages. I hope the fuckers go under. :) *flame away libtards*


Submission + - Netflix Desktop Application for Gnu-Linux. (iheartubuntu.com)

tetrahedrassface writes: An app for Netflix-Desktop that is much cleaner and easier to install was released today. It is built for Ubuntu, but per the comments some .RPM builds are being worked on. The app runs well, looks native, and plays Netflix video nicely. Trust me, after building WINE via git 5 times to get the manual method method of Netflix running on LInux, the app is a godsend. Hop over and check it out. Hopefully it's the start of a great thing for us Linux users.

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