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Comment Re:Reshuffles (Score 1) 526

They're politicians, the only qualifications any of them are likely to have is one for "political science" or some other similar non-subject.
And they don't even need that, joe bloggs from down the street who left school with no o-levels could walk into the local political party office, join up, talk them round, get elected and become prime minister with zero qualifications at all.
(highly unlikely of course but he might be a manipulative charismatic bastard and pull it off)...

That's democracy for you.

Comment Re:How should he have answered? (Score 1) 393

IF demanded to answer an unanswerable yes/no question in court, the most prudent thing to say would be "Your honour, answering this question in the way that you demand would result in me purjering myself. I swore to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth and yes or no are not the WHOLE truth.There is no yes/no answer to such a question, it's far more complicated than that".

Comment Re:Bad Slashdot (Score 1) 995

But this story isn't news for nerds OR stuff that matters.

Someone shot someone, who then died, so the first someone goes on trial for murder...

How is ANYTHING in the above a story that matters? Slashdot doesn't reportt every other murder,. If it did there'd be no room for anything else.
So why is this special?
Or is the implication that as he was neighbourhood watch, that was somehow a vindication that granted him more powers than the average man in the street?

Comment I used to devour fantasy fiction when I was young (Score 1) 1244

Here;re some of my favourites...
Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay (The summer tree, the wandering fire and the longest road)
The winter of the world by Michael Scot Rohan (Anvil of ice, etc)
I'll agree with another poster here when he mentioned Taltos the Assassin (I got it in a single volume)
David Eddings' Belgariad and Malorian were good too... Preferred them to the sapphire rose books.
There're a hell of a lot more on my bookshelf but those are top of the list.
(I did like thomas covenant too,but that's had a mention already)

I DID like Robert Jordan's wheel of time... But I got stuck in one of them and never got it finished... And I found myself skipping whole chapters because I found the matt cauthon character utterly boring,

Comment Re:Paltalk... (Score 1) 89

No system is perfect, but at least with this one, fear of losing a lawsuit can help stem the tide of frivolous lawsuits. Unfortunately, a lot of scumbag lawyers are doing the old "no win, no fee" thing now and the UK is beginning to look almost as bad and litigious as the USA.

Still got a bit to go before it catches up though, and as it seems america is still moving forward (backwards, shirley, Ed), the UK might be playing catchup for quite a while.

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