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Comment Re:Paltalk... (Score 1) 89

No system is perfect, but at least with this one, fear of losing a lawsuit can help stem the tide of frivolous lawsuits. Unfortunately, a lot of scumbag lawyers are doing the old "no win, no fee" thing now and the UK is beginning to look almost as bad and litigious as the USA.

Still got a bit to go before it catches up though, and as it seems america is still moving forward (backwards, shirley, Ed), the UK might be playing catchup for quite a while.

Comment Re:Uh, but you can't drop off the grid... (Score 1) 228

So, basically...
It's "Wanted".
In the 90s UK's channel 4 ran 2 series of it, the rules were, you were allowed to travel anywhere so long as you didn't cross your own path, you had to perform a task each day for the week, and on the final day of the week when the show was due to be broadcast, you had to be in a phone box while the tracker tried to locate you.

If you managed to evade capture you won 1000 quid for each day you didn't get photographed by the tracker AND completed the task. Then went on the run for another week, still bound by the rules of not crossing your path, so if you weren't careful, you could hem yourself in quite easily.

Of course, the tv audience was encouraged to grass them up and some of their tasks were quite tricky to do on the sly. "you must take a waterskiing lesson each day this week" was one of them.

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