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As Christmas Bonus, Google Hands Out "Dogfood" 366

theodp writes "You know times are tough when the best place to work in America replaces holiday bonuses with a request for unpaid labor. Blaming the economic crisis, Google management has canceled the traditional cash holiday bonus — reportedly as much as $20K-$30K per Googler — and substituted an unlocked Google Android cell phone, retail price $400. An accompanying email calls for employees to celebrate the 'chance for us to once again dogfood a product and make it even better!'" Update: 12/23 01:09 GMT by KD : A reader pointed out that comments to the article note a couple of inaccuracies: the Android phone being offered is an unlocked dev model, which goes for $400; and the reporter may have confused holiday bonuses with performance bonuses. The former have traditionally been in the range of $1,000, according to two comments.

Comment Re:I like Mono, but... (Score 2, Interesting) 405

Yeah this is true, but for some of us this is acceptable.

Linux users are an additional market for the product I help develop and we have never really worried about it. I have been waiting for this mono milestone before bothering with mono, however now that they are there I dont mind putting the resources in and testing the waters.

If everything goes smoothly I can see us offering a linux flavour very soon. Our current product operates on .NET Framework 2.0 SP1.

Submission + - whirlpool.net.au Founder Sued by 2Clix

An anonymous reader writes: news.com.au is reporting that the founder of the popular Australian broadband news and discussion site whirlpool.net.au, Simon Wright, is being sued by an accounting software firm 2Clix Australia. The claim centres around negative posts made in the discussion forum about 2Clix's accounting package. 2Clix is claiming that a number of the posts "relating to the Plaintiff and its software were false and malicious". A scanned copy of the Statement of Claim is available at whirlpool.net.au/img/article/2clix/soc.pdf.

I can only assume Wright is being sued as 2Clix can't identify the individual forum members. An interesting line from the SOC reads "[Wright] did not require proper verification of identity before permitting registration...". No Australian law I'm aware of requires formal verification of ID in this manner. I'm hoping that the legal system actually works for once and this case doesn't go anywhere. As Wright said: a lot hangs in the balance here. Of course if needed we can always post on overseas sites, like Slashdot for instance.

If you are interested you can view the two forums here and here.

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