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Comment Solaris systems (Score 1) 480

Apparently many Solaris systems restarted. People at NANOG are reporting this. A few banks' systems were rebooted as well: TD, Scotia, American Savings Bank, US Bank, and many more...
I saw many operating systems rebooting, even though this did not happen the last time in 2005.
Good thing I use ZFS on FreeBSD, and after I changed the loader.conf, I have a system that has stayed up for more than 2 months now, including last night.

Submission + - Linux users sign petition to say they use BBC web

Richard Bennett writes: "The BBC's head of technology, Ashley Highfield, in making excuses for the
iPlayer, claims that only 400-600 people access the BBC website using
A petition was setup to help assess how wrong he is.
So far all the BBCs Linux users have signed it already!

Here's the article where he justifies a Windows-only iplayer because Mac
users are only 5% and Linux 400 to 600 people out of their 17 million
The Courts

U.of Oregon Says No to RIAA 241

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "The University of Oregon has filed a motion to quash the RIAA's subpoena for information on student identities in what is believed to be the first such motion made by a university with support from the state Attorney General. The motion (pdf) explains that it is impossible to identify the alleged infringers from the information the RIAA has presented: 'Five of the seventeen John Does accessed the content in question from double occupancy dorm rooms at the University. With regard to these Does, the University is able to identify only the room where the content was accessed and whether or not the computer used was a Macintosh or a PC ... The University cannot determine whether the content in question accessed by one occupant as opposed to another, or whether it was accessed instead by a visitor.' The AG's motion further argues (pdf) that "Plaintiffs' subpoena is unduly burdensome and overbroad. It seeks information that the University does not readily possess. In order to attempt to comply with the subpoena, the University would be forced to undertake an investigation to create discovery for Plaintiffs — an obligation not imposed by Rule 45. As the University is unable to identify the alleged infringers with any accuracy, it cannot comply with its federal obligation to notify students potentially affected by the subpoena. One commentator has likened the AG's argument to saying, in effect, that the RIAA's evidence is 'rubbish'."

Submission + - How was the tenth anniversary party?

tearmeapart writes: How was the tenth anniversary party?
1. I do not remember. Too drunk.
2. All the people were n00bs.
3. The person with the 3-digit UID is a demi-god.
4. No swag = Not fun.
5. I got swag, I am happy.
6. It was Nealicious.

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