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Comment Re:The iPhone is running windows? (Score 1) 137

I knew it was BSD. I was trying to say *nix.

Unfortunately I see this pandering as being detrimental to real security. What you have is these anti-virus companies marketing a product that purports to plug system's security holes. Instead what they do is they look for vulnerabilities that only exist on one platform and ignore the whole different set of vulnerabilities on the other platforms.

Management finds these 'universal security' products to be irresistible. They can load one product and 'poof' they can tick their check mark on their list and lo and behold all their systems are secure. Meanwhile you have your end users 'jailbreaking' the systems and then not changing the root password.

Comment The iPhone is running windows? (Score 4, Insightful) 137

I thought it was running some form of Unix/Linux sort of OS.

I realize these modern day snake oil salesmen have convinced corporate America that their product is effective against all viruses on all platforms. However if you look at the definition file that they install on all the systems you'll see that the signatures list which platform they're for. I was curious so I greped the file. Turns out that while there's hundreds of thousands of windows definitions in the file there's only tens for linux and fewer for sun.

When pressed on this they'll tell you that they look for all those viruses so they arn't passed by the ftp/http/mail server on the unix box. While there's some merit to this position I don't see how it's at all relevant to the iPhone.

Comment Re:Bubby? Is that you? (Score 4, Insightful) 859

Or someone close to you that was killed by someone who was placed in an untenable situation. If you let someone out of prison and then make sure that they can't feed themselves or have anything resembling a life you shouldn't be surprised when they return to the only option left open to them, crime.

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