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Comment I can see this in conjunction with Verichips (Score 1) 369

By 2020 everyone will be chipped with something similar to the Verichip. Walking through the entrance of one of these scanning stations your chip is scanned, the terminal does a query of your ID and factors the background information in with FAST. This if VERY plausible. We are soon to tagged like cattle. First we will be asked in the form of incentives such as easier commerce transactions. Then it will be mandated in the name of domestic security. There are too many technical reasons for this to be a bad idea. I don't see that as being a barrier to politicians pushing forward with this complete invasion of personal liberty. We are already in the first stages of living in a police state and most people do not even realize it. I have to admit that 2020 is a VERY conservative estimate, as computing power is getting cheaper and faster. In 11 years we will look back at 2009 be thankful for the amount of unmonitored freedom still we had.
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