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Comment The problems, we know: (Score 4, Insightful) 284

o the government lies

o corporations lie

o hiring practices favor imported, low-cost labor

o older, sicker technical people are treated as unemployable and fireable if already in place

o arbitrary degree requirements place artificial barriers between employment and many technical people

o HR departments operate by rote and bean-counting, not "find a great employee"

o congress sets the immigration rules for imported tech labor

o congress is wholly corrupt and beholden to corporate direction via funding pressures

If you want to be truly successful, you'd better cultivate some creativity and start your own thing. The employment situation is horrible and constantly getting worse, with no end in sight. And if anyone thinks an artificially inflated number of STEM grads is going to do anything to alleviate any of this, they're out of their minds. The slope is only getting steeper.

Comment It's too general to be a clear breach (Score 1) 367

This leak is analogous to reporting "The US recruits spies". Nobody knows whether their networks are compromised or what to look for.

The kind of leak that hurts a country's covert operations is more like "The US pays Kim Jong Un's barber to make him look ridiculous".

Comment Everyone has to set priorities for everything (Score 2) 526

Complete enforcement of every law on the books is impossible. Making choices is inevitable.

With a hundred quatloos to spend, it is better management to spend a hundred deterring sales to minors than to split it between protecting children and harassing adults.

Making choices consistent with the will of the people and with states's rights seems like a good idea.

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