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Comment Re:Rational causal analysis (Score 1) 21

It's the same thing as your slavishness to Hayek: The Human Beast has little use for rationality. Not because they haven't been taught, but because they mostly don't care and never will.

Yet, despite decades, if not millenia of this empirical evidence, you and your ilk still think systems based on this fallacy should not only work, but be fucking optimal.

Never forget: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time. How's it all working out for you?

Comment Re:Ain't Over w/out Rosie O'Donnell In A Steel Bik (Score 1) 5

Truth? Justice? Facts? You know, the stuff that used to matter.

When was that, exactly? During W's "Bin Laden's not that important" tenure? During Bill-O's "Did not have sex" phase? Reagan not remembering anything? Nixon's entire presidency? Johnson's fake escalation? Kennedy's stolen election?

How old are you anyway?

Comment Meh (Score 1) 4

When they said The Hobbit was going to be 2 films I didn't mind too much, seeing as that would be hard in the current climate not to do that, and besides, Jackson's a decent director.

But once they announced 3 films, I just totally switched off. Once they're on tv or whatever I might watch 'em, but I just don't have the energy or time for this bloated wankfest.

Shame, really. I always liked The Hobbit way more than LOTR, and was initially quite excited for this.
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Journal Journal: FYI 3

As a Canadian, I am fucking disgusted and appalled at our recent No vote at the UN.

Bad enough it's a shitty decision, but worse yet, when lumped together with the other No voters, the list looks even more pathetic than "The Coalition Of The Willing" one did. I didn't even know that was possible.

Comment Re:Yeah, but... (Score 1) 3

Anti-nuclear hysteria vs. global warming hysteria: who'll win?

See that's the thing. I'm so certain we're brainless and fucked, that we'll get the worst of both worlds.

(And any way, the real question is what China decides to do, eh?)

Relevant only in the short- to medium-term. They got just as many actual and potential problems as anyone else.

Comment Hmm (Score 1) 7

Perhaps your time would be better spent examining why a majority of the US population is perfectly happy with their country's level of involvement overseas as opposed to homogenizing two separate, and different entities.

In other news, Iran's getting sanctions, not bombs. I'll take my small victories where I can get them.

Comment Heh (Score 1) 1

I don't even know what the fuck inspired me to try right clicking the reload button in the first place...

Because good geeks always right-click everything.

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