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Comment Re:Name one non-rapator that uses flapping for spe (Score 1) 59

I think naming such a species could be precluded by the observation that it appears that it would only work in bipeds, or at least in animals that have an extra set of limbs that aren't being used for locomotion or something equally important. there really aren't that many redundant limbs to work with.

Birds don't have a redundant set of limbs, what were their arms have been switched to just be wings. They are now mostly avian bipeds, except for those who have lost the ability to fly such as penguins and ostriches.

We might have had some, except for the whole tool making thing; bats are tree dwelling rats, as long as they could still climb a bit,

That is my point. All we have are examples of animals that are either gliders or have evolved from gliders. Bats didn't evolve their wings for running. Then we have flying squirrels, sugar gliders & "flying" snakes that have all evolved extended skin flaps for extending their gliding distance between trees.

Comment Name one non-rapator that uses flapping for speed (Score 3, Insightful) 59

Name one non-raptor based animal that uses flapping or wing like features to increase running or walking speed.

We have all sorts of mammals and snakes that use skin flaps for gliding. Unless we have examples of non-rapture creatures that use skin flaps of some sort to do increase walking/running speed, I would think the answer is obvious.

Comment Re:Here let me fix that for you. (Score 1) 334

If you find a cell phone that doesn't belong to you in a bar and you turn it in to the bar owner,

That isn't as clean cut as you think. I found a wallet in a bar. I gave it to bartender in case the owner of the wallet came looking for it. It turns out the wallet belonged to a friend. We go back to the bar. A different bartender returns the wallet sans a few hundred dollars (my friend is an idiot who can't keep a bank account).

So doing the "right thing," doesn't always mean the right thing happens.

Comment Re:There's a line (Score 1) 343

There's a difference between protesting and rioting/looting. So cheers for tracking down rioters and looters.

It's all fun and games until you send several text messages about events occurring but are not participating in, nor encouraging other people to participate in and suddenly you are on a watch list.

Comment Re:So it goes like this (Score 1) 197

In one case, a condom broke, she tried to grab a new condom but couldn't because he held her down.

Please cite your source for this. I have never read anywhere that this occurred but in your statement. The issue with Anna according to the article is:

This alleged victim is "convinced Assange broke the condom by the glans and then continued to ejaculation", Emmerson says of AA's statement.

Now tell me this, how many people have had the bad luck of a broken condom during sex and didn't know it until after everyone was done? I know I have.

Comment Orlando Officials isn't much of a leak (Score 1) 96


a list of the personal details of Orlando officials including addresses, home values, incomes and other data.

Isn't that all public information anyway? Incomes are public record. Home values are public record through county auditor's websites. That isn't much of a leak. More like footwork to gather it all together.

Comment Re:Wikileaks is wikileaks for hackers (Score 1) 96

WikiLeaks usually takes care to verify the source and make sure that it's not fabricated.

Really? In every interview with Assange they claim they verify documents, not sources as that is all they have access to. Can you name a leak where to leaker was not open about who he or she was and that leaker was verified?

Comment Re:Fed Reserve is up next (Score 1) 344

Anyone can edit a video with Microsoft Movie Maker and claim the banner of Anonymous. But it doesn't mean anyone will bother following that individual. If you look at the first video that account released it's the same Anti-Fed crackpots that everyone ignores now. I think this is one guy and seven of his friends wishing people would listen to them so they sexed it up with an Anonymous flag.

They even have a facebook page for everyone to RSPV with their real names as to who will be attending their protests. That doesn't sound very anonymous to me.

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