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Comment Re:It depends on the field (Score 1) 538

I work at a formerly-community-college-but-we-can't-be-that-any-more-because-we-offer-a-4-year-degree in Florida. I also teach a course or two per term as an adjunct. Adjunct pay for *all* courses in *any* department is just under $700 per credit. Most classes are 3 credits, so for your $2100 per term you are expected to be in the classroom for 3 hours per week and have 2 hours of office hours - either online (via big blue button, our course management system, or some other virtual meeting software), a scheduled time you can be reached by phone, or in a lab or library area. So the average hourly pay rate (assuming no students show up during your office hours - and they typically dont - and you use that time for your grading, etc - is about $25/hr. If you were working 40 hours per week, you'd have about $50k per year to pay taxes on, etc. from a job like that. The problem is lack of hours, and lack of benefits. Which is why a lot of A&P (admin and professional) folks here teach a class or two as adjuncts.

Comment Re:Do you interview this guy every month? (Score -1) 224

Any article/interview from Bruce Perens can be summed up thusly:

"Bruce Perens, who loves Bruce Perens, thinks that Bruce Perens Bruce Perens Bruce Perens Bruce Perens, and also Bruce Perens. Of course, Bruce Perens also thinks Bruce Perens is so Bruce Perens that Bruce Perens Bruce Perens.

Signed: Bruce Perens"

To be fair, the guy is often interesting if you ignore his personality. But he's SO conceited and full of himself, I have a hard time divorcing the message and the messenger.

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