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Comment Re:Why not move? (Score 3, Insightful) 182

With corporations, unless they are some group like the EFF and "profits be damned we'll fight for our customers rights" the various legal requests, etc. will make fighting it so expensive that they eventually comply...

Unfortunately, when it comes down to the individual, things happen.

"Anonymous drug tip" results in a SWAT raid at 3am where you are shot. Or your family is shot. Same with "anonymous terrorist tip". Or "opps wrong address".

Ok, I'll turn down the paranoia...

"Sir, we'd really like to check things out but don't have time to get a Warrant. Do you have something to hide?"


"Well we know we can't legally get a warrant, but we can harass him with various criminal charges until his lawyer fees bankrupt him or until he complies".

Or I'll turn the geek paranoia back up

Slowly but surely over a number of years a back door has made it into GCC and other critial parts of the compiling tool chain that those "terrorists and criminals who use black terminals wtih white text instead of Windows Vista" use... and between access at your ISPs end and exploits that are now present on your computer, via kernel or userland stuff, and they manufacture the evidence or just suck it all off your computer.

Comment Re:so.... (Score 4, Insightful) 180

I find it absolutely frightening that the citizens of the country that supposedly stands against the tyranny of organizations like the Gestapo and the Stasi not only have not overturned their government over this huge scandal, but in fact mostly agree with the surveillance program.

Americans deserve what's coming to them.

Submission + - E-Reader manufacturers seek waiver from disabilities act (

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon, Kobo, and Sony filed filed a petition (PDF) seeking a waiver for their e-reading devices (such as the Amazon Kindle, the Kobo Glo, and the Sony Reader) from the Federal Communications Commission's recently adopted rules that would impose certain disabilities act requirements on providers of advanced communications services (ACS). The petition notes that while communications may be integrated into e-reading devices, it is not the primary purpose of these devices ("designed and optimized for reading digital written work"), and that "the theoretical ACS ability of ereaders is irrelevant to how the overwhelming majority of users actually use the devices."

Comment Re:Doesn't matter for this (Score 2) 684

Try working for a small community college or county school board.... we've been trying to hire someone to teach our cisco classes, but HR and Administration won't let them make more than a starting English teacher - about $49k/yr

Gotta have a masters or 18 hours post grad classes in certain technology fields, plus various Cisco certs. Do you honestly think we can fill that position? We've been trying for ages... the last person in the position didn't mind the pay since he had already retired once and teaching the courses were a hobby for him...

Comment Re:Long distance photo? (Score 1) 207

I've made keys for a simple Master brand lock using a Xerox copy of the key (yes, it was made on a Xerox machine). And yes, the cloned key worked.

Here at work we have these weird keys that don't have teeth - they have variable diameter and depth partial spheres cut out of the sides. Heard the last locksmith mumbling something about having to send them off to some place in Germany that still has dwarves working by the light of a lava flow from a volcano to get them duplicated... will be sending this article to the new locksmith who seems more competent but mumbles a lot anyway.

Comment Re:Smart is as smart does (Score 1) 166

The only things I've done wiht my (camera-less and microphone-less) Samsung Smart TV is watch the occasional youtube video with the kids and use the netflix built into it.

And since if the kids get into Netflix it eats my bandwidth so I can't play Xonotic, I usually just leave the TV's network cable unplugged. Fairly secure, no?

Comment Re:Incredibly stupid is as stupid does (Score 3, Interesting) 166

they still sell phone switchboard systems that by default can be accessed by telnet with no password I disagree.

Not sure how I feel about this. Is no password better than "admin" or "password" or "1234" for the default password? Lets face it, each device that ships is going to have a default way of accessing it for configuration.... The problem really lies with the people that *leave* it at that configuration.

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